Mum and her Lucky Stone

Mum (Christine) with the lucky stone given to her by Helen Mears in an extraordinary gesture of kindness.

Helen and Mum met in the waiting room at the Mater Hospital, as Helen’s son Scott was also in ICU. At one point, Scott (in his 20s) and Matthew were the only residents of ICU, so we got to spend some time with Helen and her daughter Emma, who followed our journey.

Upon Scott’s recovery, and Helen’s return to Cairns, Helen gave Mum her lucky stone, that she had possessed since she was a child.

Mum’s holding it close. It’s very precious, and at this stage, is working.

One response to “Mum and her Lucky Stone

  1. Hello Christine, Hang onto that lucky stone tightly, my prayers and thoughts are with you all at this tragic time. I feel so sad that I am way over here in London and can’t be there to help Di and the family. Thanks to Rachel for the wonderful updates, can’t get to my daughter `Julia’s computer each morning quick enough to check up on beautiful Matthew. My loving thoughts and prayers to all of you, love Cheryl

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