Thank You

We have received an amazing amount of support from people we knew and loved before, and from people we have never met. It’s impossible to thank you all, but we’re happy to highlight some great work done for Matthew and Diane:

  • HP donated a new computer after Matthew’s old computer died. It’s touch screen and enables him to communicate  much more easily. Thanks to Stephen Shaw and Scott Gosling from HP, and Jayne Smith from data#3.
  • Colin Grosvenor donates his time to maintain the garden and mow the lawn. Colin was Luke’s cricket coach a year and a half ago and owns a Jim’s Mowing franchise. He stepped in when Matthew was ill and started mowing the lawns straight away. He continues to do so and refuses payment, but we do give him cups of tea. Thanks Colin! (You can contact Colin to help with your lawn on 0411 514 304).
  • To the organisating committees of the St Thomas Gala, Holland Park Hawks Charity Night, and Renovating Matthew Ball, what can we say. You are all amazing.

17 responses to “Thank You

    • Hi Matthew and family, I was just looking in to see how things were progressing, good to see the first set of limbs are now covered, I have your site saved on my desk top and will keep my eye on things and help again, go team, cheering for you all…. Susie.

  1. Truly inspirational!
    I have just had a baby boy and Matthew’s story just really makes you cherish the time you have with family every single day.

  2. … it was impossible to contain tears; you and your Family are so inspirational. what can I tell you that hasn’t possibly already said? I just admire you so much. I am sure all Australia is and will be with you. And that everyone will some how contribute. Keep doing the good job, we are all very, very proud of you. Cheers, Stefano.

  3. Matthew, how beautiful to really see your devotion to your family and your family’s devotion to you help in your healing. Diane, what immense strength and love you have shown. Truly remarkable! thanks for sharing

  4. Matthew, you are an amazing inspiration. With Dianne and your lovely family’s support you will overcome every obsticle. We sincerely wish you all the best in your future with better days ahead. Your message should be spread all over the world.
    Alan and Gail Bruce

  5. Only just hearing what has gone on, I reported to you approx 3 years ago when APLNG was in its baby stages. I am shocked at the story and my heart weighs very heavy tonight. I have since started my own business and trust we will be in touch with more on doing our bit towards your cause.

  6. Dear Matthew, Di and your wonderful kids, your story last night was the most amazing beautiful story, donations will be on their way to you at the end of October. You and your beautiful family deserve so much and none of us know what is around the corner

  7. I have tried to write this comment but failed to say how awesome we think you and your family are. Thank you for sharing your story with us… Good luck we will pray for you.

  8. Amazing truly Amazing.To see such love between two people was truly inspirational. I will donate what i can to try and give a little support. something I never have done before.You touched mine and my families heart.we don’t pray but will send good thoughts and love to you all.

  9. Dear Matthew and Di and children, thank you for sharing your wonderful story of love, showing amazing courage and support to each other, you are truly inspirational. Amongst your hardship you are also raising the most beautiful, caring, bright young Aussie children. I hope all of Australia gets behind your own extremely courageous efforts, to assist you with your bionic limbs. Love and very best wishes to you all.

  10. Hey There, What can I say, you are truly inspirational Matthew, your wonderful family as well, you all deserve the best of everything…
    Goodluck to you all…… Cheers Susie.

  11. Dear Mathew, What an amazing man you are, your strength courage and love for your family is something hard to find, you are an inspiration to the whole human race. I watched your story and I could not believe what I saw. I can see that the love for your family and making them happy has given you unbelievable strength. I am the founder of Building Angels a recently approved charity, I pledge to you $1000 from personally and hope to raise some more on your behalf. You might not have a full body but you are more of a man tha most of us, I wish I had your strength and commitment, good luck to you and all your family, God Bless you! I wish I could meet you!

  12. Dear Matthew, Di and children, I watched your story the other night (in tears) and have been thinking about it ever since! What an amazing journey of sadness, courage, pain, love, lost dreams and above all tremendous determination and optimism. A truly uplifting story that makes you value all you have. A life re mapped but somehow enriched by the spirit of a devoted family and a connected community. I too went to UQ and am about the same age which I think made your story hit home even more strongly. I wish you every bit of luck and good health Matthew in your future operations. If I were a millionaire I would send you the $500K yesterday! Take care of each other.

  13. Hi Matthew, Diane and family, we have watched every segment on Sunday Night, often through tears and are amazed and in awe of the strength and love that shines theough. Your boys were amazing being interviewed by Mike Willise and are testimony to the wonderful parents you both are and the love they are surrounded by. I’ve just finished your book which was a great read, again sometimes through tears! Kate has done an amzing job in documenting your story with true heart. We look forward to watching the story within the next twelve months which will see you standing and with the independence that prosthetics will deliver and wish you and your family all the very best. Well done Matthew on turning something so challenging into a way to teach everyone to be more grateful and compassionate – things the world can never have too much of! All the best! Claire

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