Helpful Links

As we travel along the disability road, we have found some fantastic resources that may be of some help to others. As we find links, we’ll put them up on this site for anyone who may be interested, and are happy to share any others that you have found worthwhile.

People who inspire us

Nic Vujicic:
A plug for Nic, who in the very early days (like day two or three) gave some hope to all of us that a life without limbs wasn’t the end of the world.

Josh van der vies –
Canadian Boccia player Josh Vander Vies’ video on a day in his life was instructional and another pivotal point for us in realising there were just so many different ways something (like getting dressed independently) might be done.

Charlotte Cleverly-Bisman –
harlotte is a little girl doing amazing things, supported by an amazing family. She is also a quadruple amputee as the result of infection.

(It’s the willingness of people to share their stories in a way that has helped us that has motivated us to also share our story. Even if it helps only one person, it’s enough.)


Limbs4Life –
A fantastic support organisation for amputees.

Amputees and Family Support Group Queensland –
A wonderful Queensland-based network that has representatives based throughout the State.

Osseointegration and Prosthetics

OPRA – the wonderful team led by Dr Steven Gray that’s working with Matthew in Australia – (temporary site for contact)

Integrum (The connections) –

Otto Bock (The legs) –

Gadgets and Other Helpful Stuff

Neater Eater – – facilitates independent eating.

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