Matthew’s ‘Crew’

About the Foundation

All money donated goes to the Renovating Matthew Foundation. The Foundation was established to cover Matthew’s necessitous circumstances expenses, such as for medical and prosthetic costs. The Renovating Matthew Foundation is a board of trustees who provide independent oversight of Foundation affairs. Trustees are Dan Alexander, Martyn Robotham and Gayle Schabe.

The Foundation and fundraising efforts generally are overseen by Rachel (Matthew’s sister), who in her other life is General Manager, Corporate Services, Agforce.

About the Blog

This blog was on the 20th of June 2012, four days after Matthew’s limbs were removed. Its initial aim was to keep members of the immediate family and close friends informed. It was a private blog, and we aimed to record those significant moments that we knew, in the passing of time, would fade in our memories because of the wonderful way our minds blur details of trauma.

As time went on, and Matthew’s story spread, more people requested access and we were amazed at how many people were sharing the journey, and were actually on the road with us. Nurses, cleaners, janitors, doctors, rehab visitors, friends, friends of friends…the list went on. In early April, once it was clear that Matthew was going to make a great recovery and it was also becoming more clear that the story he has to share seemed to be of help to others, we decided to make most of the blog public, and that’s where we are at today.

The blog is managed by Kate (Matthew’s other sister), who is an academic in journalism and public relations at Central Queensland University. This blog is the only formal media presence we have. There is no Facebook site for Renovating Matthew, and we have reasons for this. Matthew has a Twitter account that he is starting to use more frequently as he gets better at dictating to his phone!

About the Family

Matthew has a pit crew aside from Diane and the boys. Diane’s wonderful parents Bill and Mary passed away a few years ago, and the amazing grandangels are Roy and Christine, Matthew’s Dad and Mum. Matthew’s two incredible sisters and our families continue to support every step of the way (we made him say that!). We are also extremely grateful to receive great support from the extended McMahon, Leighton, Graham and Davies families. Matthew’s Aunt Ruth was based in New Zealand, and her support was important in this journey, with a number of visits to support us from across the Tasman. She passed away in December 2013, but remains with us in spirit.

About the Community

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing support from the community. To our friends, employers and work colleagues, medical staff, school community, sporting community and all those who have taken an interest in our journey, we thank you. We could not have done this without you.

4 responses to “Matthew’s ‘Crew’

  1. Just saw your story on Sunday Night. Moved to tears. Matthew – you are an inspirational man. To be blessed with such a calm & centred spirit to help you through your journey is one thing, but to be blessed with the all-powerful love of of your Family is just beautiful to see. You are LIVING your life more than most. Power to you, your wonderful Di & your beautiful kids. I truly hope you get to hold your wife’s hand one day soon. xxxX respect Xxxx

  2. We saw the story last night. It was amazingly courageous, touching and awe inspiring. Keep up the good works & stay strong. Our very best wishes to Matthew, Diane, the kids & the rest of his ‘crew’.

  3. Matthew – writing you a note from the USA. Found myself sitting in a meeting today, thinking about a good laugh you and I had together at one of the Origin leadership team offsites. (From memory it involved dinosaurs, army men, crazy hats, etc. etc.) I so enjoyed your company and partnership as a colleague. Best wishes to you and your family. Happy New Year! Cheers, Kris

    • Hi Kris. Many thanks for the kind comments. Origin has provided us great support and it’s great to hear from friends who worked with Matthew. Happy New Year to you too. Best wishes, Kate.

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