Matthew’s Book: Will to Live

Will to Live was published in July 2014.

Written in two voices, that of Diane and Matthew, it tells the story behind the decision to amputate Matthew’s limbs.

Here are some of the reviews:

It says something about the effect that this book had on me that I’m taking the time to write my first ever Amazon review, after well over one hundred books I’ve bought from here.
This book scared me, moved me, made me cry and ultimately inspired me to be a better human being. It is the story of Matthew Ames, who developed a sore throat and then woke up three weeks later with all his limbs amputated so that he might have a chance to survive. This is the inspirational story of how he and his family have coped and thrived despite seemingly impossible odds and hardship.
Read this this book and become a better person.

– Fred (Amazon)


I am in awe of this family’s spirit and willingness to overcome adversity with style and grace. When you read it, you can’t help but imagine yourself in his predicament and wonder how you would react. This book is a testimony to their love for each other and family and friends and their positive fortitude. It is always interesting and never treacly. I came away profoundly affected by this man’s story and have even gone to his blog to learn how he is faring. Absolutely worth the money!

– Anne (Amazon)

Some more reviews are available at

Details about the book are available from Penguin at

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