Progress Report – 25 June 2012

E-mail sent by Rachel on Monday, 25 June at 9.10pm:

Good evening all

We had a good day today.  Matthew woke up today.  We have had a chance to speak to him, although he cant respond due to the tube in his mouth.  He knows us, understands what is happening and he saw the kids this afternoon with Diane.    After a busy day nodding at us and shaking his head, he was sedated for a good nights sleep.

We are hoping tomorrow is even better.  We hope that we can have the tube removed without Matthew having to have a tracheostomy. If so, he should be able to talk to us. If not, it might be a few days.  Today was a day of smiles around the ICU from the nurses to the doctors.  As well as a few tears as well.  I have never seen anyone look with so much love as Matthew did to Diane when she took us in to see him.  Matthew has some challenges with some lazy kidneys and we hope they start to work again soon.    We appreciate this detail say with us for now J thanks.

We are keeping the  log private for now however all those on this email address can access this through seeking an invite. You may need to set up an account with wordpress and seek invite….Kate will then allow.  The main reason is we want to give Matthew the choice as to who gets to see the public access version and I am sure you all understand this for now.

X Rachel


Di, Christine, and Rachel in the by now very familiar waiting room.

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