Progress Report – 8 August 2012 (and another visit from another legend)

E-mail from Rachel, 8.21 pm:

Good evening everyone,

A very big day today as Matthew left ICU and moved in to the rehabiliation unit.  A small farewell party was held at the ICU unit, filled with emotion as the nurses and doctors discharged Matthew and released him on to his next journey.

A new environment will be daunting and new demands on Matthew and his body will commence. He gets extremely tired still, and has to remind himself to be a little patient with his physical developments! The family are thrilled that he is now in a place where they can have some greater privacy and start to focus on independence for Matthew and a little privacy and quiet time together as a family without a band of nurses behind curtains.

I broke yet another rule ICU today and had arranged for Shane Webke to come and say hello….especially on a day of such change and challenge. They had a good chat for about an hour and a nice way to remind Matthew what an extraordinary man he is!

Matthew’s schedule of work will be full – he has a pretty full gym, OT and physio program I am told. He needs this now and will be awesome for him to feel able to move more freely as the weeks progress.

As before, rehab will remain closed off for a while – we will let you all know as soon as we believe Matt is up for a few other friendly faces. In the meantime, stick to the blog and stay tuned for some progress photos.

X Rachel

Note from Kate: I got to actually talk to Matt tonight for the first time by phone. He was funny: “There’s a phone here, and you can call direct, which is great. Although, I can’t pick the phone up.” And then he laughed. We’re trying to rig up a voice activated system so he can talk to people, but that may take a while. In the meantime, it was really nice to hear how much stronger he sounds, and how his voice is improving. He says the room is like a four star hotel, and he’s also working on his six pack, which apparently he’s been assured he’ll get.

Here’s a picture of Shane and Matthew this morning. Pretty cool, huh?

4 responses to “Progress Report – 8 August 2012 (and another visit from another legend)

  1. What wonderful news, we wish you well Matt on the next stage of your journey. Both Alan & Shane would have felt honoured to have had the pleasure of your amazing company Matt. You are looking incredible & we look forward to hearing more about your developing 6 pack. Love from the Bain’s xxxxxxx

  2. Great to hear you are off to rehab Matthew. Terrific photo of you and Shane and I think he would have been in awe of your achievements as we all are. Our love the Malyons xxxxxx

  3. Well done Matthew. We are delighted to hear that you have moved to rehab to further progress your recovery. We are constantly amazed at your spirit and hope it won’t be too long before you are able to visit home.Love the Bells.

  4. Matthew received his new electronic/motorised wheelchair today. It looks lethal!! Matthew was able to spin on sixpence, driving the chair by his chin, and he brought it up from the gym to his room. It is on hire for four weeks, standard variety, and then the next level will be hired. Matthew was able to “speak” a text to Di this afternoon on his new iPhone4. As his speech is still a little challenged he suggested some of his text messages might sound like swearing?!! A real sense of elation this afternoon/evening

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