Fundraising 2013

As Matthew’s journey with his legs continues (he is now doing three laps of the rehab gym!), colleagues from a number of Companies at which Matthew has worked have been developing fund raising events to assist Matthew. Their energy, efforts and generosity have been extraordinary. Some of those are included in this email – our deepest thanks.

Attached is a brochure regarding a first event to be held on the 27th of February: Renovating Matthew Theatre Night (Clink on link for PDF)

Your attendance at this event would be wonderful and we do hope we may see you. If not this time, stay tuned for more wonderful events.

6 responses to “Fundraising 2013

  1. Wonderful news and your progress is amazing…We will keep the prayers coming….Your whole family is so amazing Love Marie

  2. I am overwhelmed at Matthews story. I am known to Kate from my DRSC days in rocky. I would love to help in someway. Could someone contact me to discuss the best outcome relative our assistance for Matthew and his family.
    Leigh / Carolyn Turnbull

  3. .Was overwhelmed by your story last night, is there anywhere we can donate, as we are in Rockhampton.

  4. hi matthew,
    your story was really insperational could not help but shed a tear at the love your family has for you, i cannot wait to hear any progress on your journey you are a awesome human being, also your wife is the most strongest lady out there and praise her with everything thats happened good luck on your future.

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