Happy Feet

Things seem to be moving quite quickly at the moment. You may have noticed Matthew’s ‘backward shoes’ in earlier posts.

Di had kept his shoes, and when he stood on his new legs at the time, Matthew commented that seeing his feet again was really strange. Seeing the toes was fleeting, as his shoes then had to be turned around so that he could move forward more easily.

This week he got new ‘feet’, thanks to the great work of David, his prosthetist. So it was a ‘happy feet’ kind of day, as the photos attest…


Matt and David. Matthew’s going to grow, so we’ll make this the ‘before’ photo.


Every achievement is an occasion for celebration!


Dad’s new feet, carefully crafted.


8 responses to “Happy Feet

  1. Matthew and Di, I have only just discovered this blog and am so heartened to see how far you have come along. My goodness you are amazing Matthew! Look forward to seeing you progress.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing, hard journey. We (Glenn, Ewan, Stuart and I) are riveted and wait for the next post!

    Thinking of you, Barbara (Jinks)

  2. Hi – just found this site too (had lunch with Dan today and was looking for the fundraising details -didnt realise there was a blog!). Will catch up by reading back through the posts – but I love the family photo shot. 🙂
    Best wishes, Karen

  3. Great to see you going so well cuz! Hope to catch with you guys in Brizzy when up later in the year.

  4. Hi Matthew and Di,
    Saw an earlier version with fantastic photo of you both in the pool – absolutely beautiful – but can’t find it now. Was telling a friend about it! You are doing amazing well – congrats. We love the family photo too. Love to you all, Rod & Alison (Fernan)

  5. Hi Matthew & Di,
    We are part of your new TV family who just really wants to uplift you and give you all the biggest hugs. I have an auto-immune disease which attacks my muscles so while I have my limbs, I have periods of time where I am in bed and can’t move much. When I was first diagnosed, I was admitted to hospital for 7 weeks when our kids were 3 and 18 months and it was an awful time for our family…especially our 3 year old. Your situation was obviously much more severe and ongoing but I could appreciate in a sense some of what your family is going through. What really struck me and I guess everyone watching, was how much your family loves each other and what a different such love makes to your life.
    I have asked many people how they get through hard times and they almost all tell me that there’s someone worse off. I have thought that through and had a chuckle and wondered if that person who is actually the worst off, is actually miserable or are they somehow happy with their life despite its hardships?
    It seems to me that being alone is about the worst thing that could happen. Well, that is for me.
    I will keep up with you on this blog. Your family are true heroes…a term I use extremely carefully!
    Lots of love,

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