Searching for options

Matthew has been investigating orthopaedic osseointegration, and has recently travelled to Sydney and Melbourne to speak with experts who may be able to assist. In very very simple terms, this is a technique that fixes titanium to bone, so that prosthetics may be attached more easily to the limb without the use of sockets. It is complicated, and would involve more surgery, so Matthew is taking his time to consider whether this is a feasible option. The trip to Sydney was their first by plane since Matthew’s illness, so it was a bit of a test in relation to taking the wheelchair, and their ability to travel. With the help of fantastic QANTAS flight staff (who kept mistaking Matt for Nick Vujicic), they had a great trip and Di was pretty excited about being upgraded to Business class.It was her first ever trip in Business class, and she says if Matthew could have hidden, he would have, he was so embarrassed, especially when she asked a member of the crew to take a photo. We’re glad she did!

Matt and Di Business Class

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