New hearing aids for Matt – tiny, but effective

Hi there everyone,

It has been some time since we posted, and apologies. I (Kate) have been a bit disorganised and the move to Brisbane caught up with me a little, but we’re back. In the past month or so, quite a bit has happened, and I’ll catch up in forthcoming days.

Some big news was the unexpected success of new hearing aids for Matthew. As many of you know, he suffered profound hearing loss in one hear, and the other ear was also degenerating. We don’t know the reason, but it was becoming an increasing concern. A routine trip to the audiologist resulted in a newly found ability to hear, which has come as a great relief to everyone. Matthew still has difficulty with his left ear, but it’s a vast improvement.

The aids are pretty cool, and very very tiny…you can’t even see them in his ear, and the ‘key’ to work it is in Di’s hand below. Amazing how something so small can be so life-changing.

2013-04-03 15.06.50 2013-04-03 15.07.18

2 responses to “New hearing aids for Matt – tiny, but effective

  1. i have never met you I only know about your story from Gabby
    You and your family are amazing
    I wish you only the very best

  2. Amazing Man! Amazing Family! Your strength and determination, love, hope and optimism is inspiring! You are truly inspiring!!

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