Eating solo with the ‘Neater Eater’

Small things make great moments, and the ability for Matthew to feed himself has been an aim since he awoke.

For over a year, he has patiently waited while those of us who feed him get distracted, and had to give us direction on ‘too much, not enough, that’s fine’. At dinnertimes, Diane has had to juggle feeding kids and Matthew, and has always been the last to eat.

So, Di was beyond excited when after much searching and assistance from Carer’s Australia, the Neater Eater arrived from London, allowing Matthew to feed himself.  It comes with a screw on table and a ceramic bowl.

Family dinner times now seem much more normal, with everyone sitting down to the table at once, and Matthew able to pace himself rather than eating at speed.

Emily is particularly delighted, as she can now be fed by Daddy upon request.

It was a big moment.


Matthew with the Neater Eater, that allows him to eat independently.


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