Bed rest, and finally up onto some ‘interim feet’

Hi there everyone,

Apologies for the delay in the update, but for a while there, Matthew’s progress stalled a little as January was spent recovering from surgery after a few setbacks with Matthew’s right leg, so he needed a bit more rest than anticipated. Asking Matthew to stay still for a prolonged period of time is a challenge, but made easier by a great season of cricket and lots of reading with the boys and Emily, as well as visits from family and friends.

Eventually, though, Matthew was able to progress with weights on his abutments (pins in his legs) to the point where he was able to stand on his own, which was pretty exciting.


So that was a highlight.

Others included being inducted as a Rotarian, and meeting an amazing group of people from the Horizon Foundation, an organisation that works with people with disabilities, with whom he shared his story and experiences.

The great team from Horizon Foundation, a disability care organisation.

The great team from Horizon Foundation, a disability care organisation.

Another highlight was getting the chance to meet Canadian Chris Koch, a truly amazing man who is travelling through Australia and happened to meet up with Matthew’s physio Jacqui by chance. Jacqui arranged a meeting with Matthew, and Chris took time to catch up while in Brisbane. He shared lots of insights about living with short limbs, and was extremely generous with his time, spirit, and knowledge. It was a highlight for Matthew, Diane, Jacqui, and Dad, who were all on-hand to meet him.

Matthew and Chris Koch

Matthew and Chris Koch

Here are some videos of Chris’ adventures. There’s something special about people who are so positive:

Matthew has a few more weeks of rehabilitation on his legs, and then it’s off to Melbourne again for the operations on his arms. In the meantime, he’s training with microprocessors to see if he can ‘drive’ bionic arms. We’ll keep you posted, as exciting times lie ahead!

6 responses to “Bed rest, and finally up onto some ‘interim feet’

  1. Hello to all the family, especially Mathew, What excitement for you Mathew to be able to stand, you won’t know yourself. There are some very brave & wonderful people in this world, especially Chris Koch , whom I had not heard of, he looks like he has a handle on enjoying life. I hope all of you are well, & the children keeping busy & happy. Thank you for such an interesting update, Love to you all, Merle, Enjoying life in one of the best places to live in Australia.

  2. Well done Matthew you are an inspiration to every one, to keep trying no matter what life throws at you. Keep up the good work and I hope things get easier for you in the future

  3. Thank you.

    Matthew is pure inspiration.


    Kind Regards

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  4. Hi Mathew, So good to see you are still so positive and “getting there” . It will be so exciting when you finally have your new limbs. I love following your progress. Keep your spirits up and good luck with the next lot of ops.

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