Fundraising Events


None planned at present, but we’ll let you know!


February 27 2013 (Brisbane): Renovating Matthew Theatre Night (Clink on link for PDF). Celebrated the launch of the Renovating Matthew Foundation with champagne, nibbles, and a showing of Lincoln. A great time was had by all!

ST THOMAS MASQUERADE GALA – 24 AUGUST 2013: The school community kindly arranged for proceeds from the upcoming Masquerade Gala to go to the Renovating Matthew Foundation. This was a fabulous evening surrounded by friends and the opportunity to hear Matthew tell his story.

RENOVATING MATTHEW BALL – 6 SEPTEMBER 2013: The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand and ‘a crew’ from Origin Energy, URS and various friends and family hosted a ball in Matthew’s honour on 6 September at the Sofitel Hotel Brisbane to raise funds for Matthew’s prosthetics.

HOLLAND PARK HAWKS CHARITY GALA – 2 AUGUST 2013: Held at the Chalk Hotel, Woolloongabba. A fantastic night was had by all. See here for some pictures!

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19 responses to “Fundraising Events

  1. Hi there..I just read Matthew’s story and I am deeply touched by his bravery determination and warrior spirit. I couldn’t help but send his inspiring story to The Ellen Show as I know Ellen is coming to Australia in a few days. I encourage you to send it as well here is the link I have also shared his story on our Facebook page after Caitlin shared it with us. We wish Matthew all the very best. Really all the very best. May everything he needs be provided and we hope from the bottom of our hearts that Ellen DeGeneres reads Matthew’s story.

  2. Hi! I’m an old friend of Di’s from school (All Hallows). I’m sorry I missed the Lincoln movie – what a good idea!! I would be very happy to help and perhaps coordinate a future fundraiser! I’m contactable on either my live email account or my Mater email or via phone 0403934363. Feel free to contact me – anytime (even if it’s a few months down the track :-). Cheer, Katherine (ps – awesome blog!!)

  3. Matt – I wanted to be official and thank you for inspiring me at rehab – your actions and your warm glowing smile really helped me enormously in my recovery – you made my stay in rehab so more positive – your work effort in the gym is infectious to us all and I just wanted to acknowledge you and of course thank you for that leadership – your smile lights up the world – it’s just a pity you don’t support the mighty blues – I look forward to seeing in the gym

  4. I read your story in the Courier Mail this morning. There was chaos at home with three children under 7 charging around me whilst I read but nothing could tear my eyes from the pages. Your family is remarkable, brave and clearly a very solid family unit. I couldn’t possibly imagine what going through this would be like but I wanted to say I truly admire you all. I will be watching Matthew’s inevitable progress with great interest. Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. An incredible story, I am in awe of your positivity – you are an inspiration. My sister and I started a home care business 10 years ago after experiencing the challenge of caring for our father at home, your story in the courier mail yesterday has reminded me of why we do what we do, and why the NDIS is needed. Thank you

  6. Mathew
    I am not sure if you remember me from the Mereenie days at Santos. I was always fascinated by your work ethics and discipline. I remember in one of the trips when you were mentioning that you were painting your home till midnight and still managed to hop onto the long journey to Alice. I wondered at your strength and determination to get on with the job which is what you are doing now. I also salute your wife,your young kids and your family for all they are doing to you. Good Luck and God Bless

  7. Hello Matthew, my name’s Erica & words aren’t enough to express how much I admire you & your wife & family. Our stories are very similar. I, too contracted pneumoccal meningitis, literary overnight, followed by septicimia & was also placed in an induced coma where I remained for 12 days. My family was also told the same thing. I also lost my kidney functions & was hooked on to a dialysis machine. That was in June 2010 & i had both arms amputated in August & both legs in September & I was in hospital/rehab for 504 days. In May 2012 my brother donated his kidney (goodbye dialysis). I have prosthetic arms & legs & still trying to use them properly. I am quite certain that we actually made eye contact at The Alfred in March this year. Is that possible? I wish you all the very best & maybe our paths will cross one day. I respect you & blessings. Erica

  8. Hi Matthew and Diane, wow! what an amazing journey you and your family have been on! I worked with Matthew at URS years ago. When I heard of Matthew’s amputations I told my husband that if anyone could make this work, Matthew could! I’m now involved in bioresonance therapy and think it may help Matthew with phantom pain, etc. Please contact me if you’d like to explore this further. All the best with the opportunities and challenges you face every day, Jo xx

  9. Hey Matt & Di, I have gotten a table of 10 together for the Ball on 6 September. It’s all All Hallows friends of Di’s. Karen & Mark, Luisa & Mark, Clare & hubby, Silvana & her mum, Craig and I. We are all really looking forward to it and catching up with you guys. Love to you both and the kids, Christine xxxxxx

  10. I met a very nice girl at the park I work at today who told me about Matt’s story. She was hiking from Kingston to Ottawa on the trans canada trail in hopes of raising money. I hope my donation to Matt will help. It’s not alot but it’s all I had.

  11. U are truly an inspiration to all of us , wow what a fantastic family unit u have, your love is truly special, All my best wishes xxx

  12. One touching story, thank-you for sharing it with us, a truly amazing man and an incredible family full of love and faith.. I am proud to donate, and look forward to hearing about their future journey.

  13. What a story, Matt may have no arms and legs but he has great big heart, and what a wife she is amazing, his rock and strength they have a love so deep it shows. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  14. Matthew & Diane, I am in love with YOUR LOVE STORY! So, so special you & your family are. Wishing you all the very, very best.
    Natasha xo

  15. steve,What a great bloke and fantastic wife! Maybe all the whingers should sit back and think themselves lucky! Good luck mate

  16. Been thinking about your story since last night. Inspiration to all of us. They should have permanent billboards to remind us all of your strength and true love.

  17. Susan Wow Wow Wow may we never complain again, remarkable man, wife and children, I pray you will one day wear your wedding ring and hug your beautiful family, can’t stop crying and thinking what an amazing person you are. All the best c’mon WA lets get behind this man with some fundraising and donations.

  18. If I could go back to Year 7 and do my speech about overcoming adversity, I would talk about you Matthew 🙂 All the best of luck for the future, you deserve only the best.

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