When the clocks stopped…

Matthew and Emily

Matthew was admitted to hospital on Wednesday 14 June.

This is a record of the texts sent by Rachel to update our friends after Matthew’s admission to hospital up to this evening:

15 June 2012 12:57pm

Update on Matthew: Hi there everyone. It is obviously a very difficult time for us, particularly Diane, who has asked me to send everyone updates on Matthew’s progress on Matthew’s progress each day.  Di is struggling to talk but would like to thank everyone for your love and wishes.  At this stage Matthew is stable and battles on.  He remains on life support and his prognosis is unclear.  The doctors and nurses here at the Mater are doing an amazing job and he is in the best possible care.  As time progresses, I will send an update at the end of each day.  Di has asked that any messages come through me for the time being.  She is happy to receive texts but wont be able to respond.  In the meantime, thank you all for your love and wishes and we will keep you posted.  Rachel Fraser (Matthew’s sister).

Gayle Schabe 1.05pm

Rachel thank you. I’ll circulate to some of Di’s mothers group friends.  All our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.  Gayle.

15 June 2012 5:37pm

Update on Matthew: No change for now.  He remains stable =, that is all we know.  Things remains critical.  The boys saw him this afternoon  and thru good support was a positive experience for them.  Will update later if any change.  Rgds Rachel

15 June 2012  8:17pm

Update on Matthew: Things have declined a bit and we are needing every prayer and thought for now.  Please don’t call or txt for now.   We will update when we have news.  We know your love is with us.  Thanks

16 June 2012 6:50am

Update on Matthew: Matthew is still with us after a rough night.  They operated last night to remove his left arm in an attempt to save his life.  The op went as planned and he is stable.  They are concerned about his legs, but at this stage focusing on keeping him stable.  He is the strongest man and this is a huge test for him.  He has a lot to live for and Di is by his side.  Please again, we will update when we can but calls are difficult for Di.  Thanks

16 June 2012 4:59pm

Update on Matthew: Matthew is about to go into surgery for a last ditch attempt to save him.  His prospects are very low, our sadness is extreme but we have a tiny glimmer of hope and that is his strength.  We expect that we wont have any news until after sunrise tomorrow.  We know you thoughts still with us and we ask you understand our non responses to any messages for now. 

17 June 2012 6:58am

Update on Matthew: He is still with us.  Last night Matthew was given a 1% chance  of making it through the operation.  Well he did.  He is yet to be stable, and the journey continues.  Thanks for your thoughts.  Di is amazing and appears to be stronger than Matthew.  Please stay patient with us, we will seek your help when we are ready.  Pray.  Thanks.

17 June 2012  4:51pm

Update on Matthew: Well he continues to defy all odds and has been stable all afternoon, if not just slightly improving.  He is amazing and clearly fighting for Di and the boys.  We will update in the morning. 

18 June 2012  8.23am

Update on Matthew: Continues to be stable and slightly improving….fighting on.  Matthew remains in induced coma on life support however we feel a little more hope as each sun rises.  Thanks again for messages and support.  We are slowly thinking to the future and will be in touch as we start needing to take up any of your wonderful offers of support.  In the meantime, thanks for prayers.  X 

18 June 2012 6:08pm

Update on Matthew: He fights on and it would seem for the first time in a few days we have more hope.  He is improving from y’day and vitals ok.  Still critical and life support working hard but the ICU team have starting talking in days not hours.  Not much,  but enough for now.  Will update again this time tomorrow.

19 June 2012 5:19pm

Update on Matthew: A good day.  They are staring to ease back on his life support and he seems to be holding his own fro now.  A sense of a future is becoming firmer for all.  He will need all his strength plus more to keep this up, so please continue your prayers.

20 June 2012 5:18pm

Update on Matthew: He is improving. He is going in the right direction, although still very ill. Please send your e-mail addresses so we can commence an e-mail group instead of txt…thanks for your patience. X

21 June 8:05pm

Update on Matthew: Thanks for all your e-mails. Matthew stable today, probably regrouping after good improvement. Still sedated and full dialysis but no backwards movement. Emails will come from tomorrow; also see renovatingmatthewames.wordpress.com. Thanks.

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