Progress Report – 28 June 2012

E-mail from Rachel at 9.41pm:

Hi all,

Another stalemate of a day today. Ok, will give you all a bit of detail but ask you keep this one close in this email address list for now. Matthew has had internal bleeding for the past few days and they are seeking to locate the source.  It has been three days now and they haven’t yet. Currently as I write this, a little camera is making its way through his intestines to see if they can locate it. We hope that they do. He has been back in an induced coma while they continue investigations. Lots of other little complications arise with temperatures, rashes, fears of infection and the like. His kidney’s have continued to be lazy and might be a long haul on these as well. In the past week he has used intensive specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, renal specialists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists (his eyes are ok)……so he is getting value for his stay really.

We are definitely not out of the woods as yet.  In saying this, he is stable, his temp has come down on its own and has been through worse in the past week! They are not my words but those of one of the ICU consultants.

We are desperate to speak to him again. But we are patient because Matthew always is.

Take care.

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