Progress Report – 29 June 2012

E-mail from Rachel at 8.19pm:

Evening all.

Well another day.  The best thing that happened to me today was visiting Matthew in ICU tonight and seeing him.  He is asleep, still incubated but his colour looks good, his once ‘black’ ear is healing well and his jaundice is disappearing.  His skin looks clear and his colour looks good.  He looks awesome. Funny how perspectives change in these situations.  Apparently his wounds are healing well.

The little camera has done its job and they have found the source of the bleeding.  Which is great, although the bleeding appears to have stopped for now.  If it proceeds, they will have to operate but they know where to go and this should be reasonably simple we hope.

His kidneys are lazy and not working well.  We trust this is a matter of time and will deal with this later.  Dialysis will do the job for now.  A few procedures to happen for the next few days and then looking towards trachy and hopefully waking him up again early  next week.

Again, these are quite personal details however feel your involvement to now deserves this sort of information.  Please only distribute general news to those following this story.  We recognise it is an amazing one, truly astonishing to be honest. But it is Matthews and still unfolding for now.

Oh and Diane is my new superhero. Wonderwoman can eat dust.


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