The Accountant’s Solution to a Communication Problem

How can Matthew talk to us while he can’t talk? By blinking. Only an accountant or engineer could come up with the following (and thank goodness for that). Some of us (ie. me aka Kate) who are mathematically illiterate and have the concentration span of a flea think they’ll have problems, but blink bingo it is.

The following is trail of its development as a communication tool, starting from inception. We’ll keep you updated as to its success.

E-mail from Rachel, Monday 2 July at 12.23pm: 

Hi guys

Just created this for the interim until Matt can talk.  Am sure it can be refined, but until he has head movement this may help?

X Rachel


1 2 3 5 6 7
2 A B C D E
3 F G H I J
4 K L M N O
5 P Q R S T
6 U V W X Y
7 Z

Use to grid to communicate!

This may take a while but we can try…


Blink one to seven times to locate which column of the letter

Once agreed then….

Blink one to seven times to locate which row.

Eg,  SORE would be:

[BLINK 6, BLINK 5] / [7,4]/[5,5]/[7,2]

Accountant’s Solution X 1 Version 1

E-mail from Rachel Tuesday 2 July 5.42am (man you get up early):

Hi guys,

Will move numbers out by one .. Less blinks the better do first so A will be 1,1. Will print at work.


E-mail from Rachel Wednesday 3 July 2pm:

So Matthew had a laugh at my last chart because the numbering was all wrong. This will help and he will use.

2 responses to “The Accountant’s Solution to a Communication Problem

  1. Yes, well the accountant clearly can’t count. Matthew woke today, is very much with us and looked very confused as I explained this…..only to realize my mistake. He was quite amused. We agreed to try again tomorrow……

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