Progress Report – 3 July 2012

E-mail from Rachel at 9.11pm:

Hi there,
A good but bittersweet day today.  Matthew woke again today and looks the best he has so far. Another groundhog day for Di as she walked through everything again for Matthew. Matthew’s trachy has provided some relief but he is unable to speak and this will present some frustrations for him. He is aware of his situation and absorbing it.  It engulfs us all and will do him for a while.

This is going to be tough, but he knows we are all with him.

Our focus needs to be supporting Matthew day by day as we help him gain strength, hopefully see his kidneys start to work, breathe independently as well as get them to manage his temperatures. Day by day….rollercoaster rides ahead no doubt. Your messages of support will be passed onto him when he is ready…:)

Next update will be Friday,

X Rach

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