Progress Report – 7 July 2012

Sorry, I’m running late on these updates. Here’s the e-mail from Rachel, 7 July at 4.53pm as things were really starting to look up:

Dear all,

Finally some great news.

Matthew is officially off the critical list. He is going to be ok. He is easing off dialysis, he is starting to breathe independently and he has been given a temporary voice box until his trachy is removed. He is incredibly tired as he starts to recover. His arms and legs have had stitches and dressings removed and look good. He has had a rough few days processing what has happened to him but his humor is there, or at least we can tell for now. He still has temps that they can’t find the reason for and we hope it’s nothing sinister.

He watched state of origin with Luke, the kids have seen him each day and Luke is officially the recorder of his temps and blood pressure. Emily has been winning hearts in the ICU and Di is under training, overseen by Luke, from the nurses.

Luke and Di have been checking out rehab, discussing with rehab consultants and have a plan coming together. Matthew will transfer from ICU straight to rehab.  All things going well, this could be in about three weeks.

For those on this email, we invite you to join the private blog – please go to and seek access if you have not already done so.  Kate has your emails and will accept/invite you in.

Matthew is gorgeous. Last night he mouthed…”how are you” to me. I checked if he seriously was asking me that….he nodded. I responded that I am great now that he is going to be ok.

X Have a lovely weekend.

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