Progress Report – 11 July 2012

I’m giving Rachel a break :).

Matthew had a better day today. He’s been of the ventilator for 36 hours and has another couple of days to go before his tracheostomy is removed. We know he can do it, but he’s working hard, so that’s making him tired. He has also been off dialysis since the weekend, and things are looking OK in that respect so it appears his kidneys are remembering what they are here for. Yay.

Matthew has also been outside a couple of times in the past few days, which would have been a great break from the ICU. The family has had a chance to visit the Mater rehab centre, and are feeling very confident about what lies ahead. There certainly seems to be lots of support, and while it’s not often a case like Matthew’s comes along, the staff appear to be very committed to working with everyone to achieve a really positive outcome.

Finally, Emily supervised the washing of Matt’s hair this afternoon. When the job had been completed by the worker bees (Di, Luke, and Will), apparently she told him, ‘Good job Daddy’. Ben, being a possible future war artist, painted the scene and drew a castle.

Until next time, Kate XO

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