Progress Report – 26 July 2012 (and a photo!)

E-mail from Rachel, Thursday 26 July 2 pm:

Hi all,

A quick update today. Matthew has had a bit of a challenging week with the ‘irritating things’ getting in the way of him feeling stronger. Good days and tough days alternating with each other. Today is a good day and after not seeing Matthew for a few days, I was so keen to pop up and just say hello and see him. I also had some t’shirts arrive at work that I had ordered a little while ago that I thought might suit him.

Well.  Here is a photo. Me and my little brother.

Please note, we respect Matthew’s privacy and choosing not to circulate any photos for now. We know some of you are keen to see him, so thought would provide this one for now. When Matthew is ready, more will come on the blog, but would ask that you not forward this on in respect of his privacy. Just tell people he looks pretty good.


2 responses to “Progress Report – 26 July 2012 (and a photo!)

  1. How beautiful is this photo. I wish I could write something like Ollie but I am not as eloquent with words. That fighting spirit of Matthew is shining through in that lovely smile. Thank you all for the updates.

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