Progress Report: 24 October 2012

E-mail from Rachel on 24 October, 2012:

Hi there all,

Another 10 days have passed and Matthew’s schedule has been full.  I was chatting to Matthew today and asked if he wanted anything in particular included in this update.  He shrugged and said not a lot has happened.  Harrumph. I am taking it on myself this time to keep you all up to date!

So last week was a busy week continuing to look at options for the return home – many modifications have been and will continue to be required.  I walked in on a meeting over a new bed – Matthew will need one that can lift, raise etc so was fascinating to know what can be done.

Matthew returned to surgery last Thursday to follow up on the tale of the detached retina.  This time it was quite a simple procedure and the oil was removed, air returned and we are now hoping that the blurring will disappear soon and his vision complete again.  Matt’s recovery was heaps better this time and his movement wasn’t restricted much to all of our relief.

Matthew returned home over the weekend to a pretty busy social schedule – Luke’s first confirmation was on Saturday night.  Matthew arrived directly at the church for a gorgeous service late Saturday afternoon.  The family were to return back to their house for a follow up dinner and Matthew decided that rather than call a maxi taxi, he would simply ‘zoom’ home in his chair while the rest of us went home in the cars.  Well then, luckily for him we are campers and found a headtorch in our car.  Kate was going to walk with him but after 15 meters of seeing Matthew move at speed, Kate decided to swap with Aaron  & Jason and drive a car back.  20 minutes later back at the house, Matthew arrived as cool as a cucumber, while Aaron and Jason did appear a little red in the cheeks.  Not sure the legalities of an electric wheelchair at night with a driver with a headtorch on footpath, but I laugh at the thought of a policeman seeing the sight!

In packing for the weekend, Matthew did play a joke on the poor nurse Vicki who was helping him get stuff for the trip.  He asked her to get his shoes for the bag.  He proceeded to chuckle while Vicki spent 2 minutes looking for his shoes in the cupboard before she realised the joke.

Was a lovely night out on the grass and was followed by a gorgeous lunch for Di with a close group of Di’s friends, and Matthew.  A little hot for Matthew as his temps are not regulating these days, but a lovely time.  Matthew returned back to rehab with Luke for a sleepover on the Sunday night.

So the wait for arms and legs continues as we chart the path of funding sources and red tape.  Two weeks we hope for the next step.  Matthew finally had meeting with QALS, the govt body that support these and was positive meeting in being able to understand some of the options on the market.  Will see how we go but baby steps for now.

I have started working with Matthew to respond to emails through his email address.  Each email is very carefully read and appreciated deeply, and at times he cut and paste but his responses are all him! Very moving to see the impact he has had, and his connections with his work teams.  Matthew is, as of today, working with Dragon on his computer (thanks Dad!) with a face recognition mouse.  We hope this means some voice recognition responses can work – although at times he has laughed at where this has got him!  So between his blueant phone, his ipad and his computer he is starting to connect again.  Slowly.  Responses to emails will take time but they will come!

And the best thing that happened for the family is that the modified car returned to Brisbane today.  This means that Di can pick Matthew up and the family can travel together for short visits to the park rather than the challenge of co-ordinating taxi logistics and splitting up or Matthew being left out.  As well as no more illegal night travel I trust!

So the next few weeks will be a bit of a waiting game, however we hope that gives Matthew more time to have the last of his medical issues clear up and continue to get stronger.

No photos this week, will get the camera out over the next one!

Take care

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