Thanks to Sandra Schulte, Matthew’s much-loved PA, who let us know about a cupcake sale held in mid-October in support of Matt that took off:

“What started as a suggestion to hold a cupcake sale within the HSSE team soon snowballed as more people heard of the idea and wanted to get involved.  We put the idea to the administrative team and soon had baking ‘champions’ who rallied the troops within their teams to get their aprons on and create some delicious goodies to sell.

We set up trestle tables foyer and within minutes we were inundated with donations of cupcakes, profiteroles, slices, truffles, quiches, savoury muffins – the list goes on and on.  We even had to get an additional table and trolley to create more space, as you can see in the attached photos and we had volunteers from different sub-projects who helped to man the stall.

We had a surprisingly small amount of food leftover but we were concerned not to let it go to waste so a couple of team members kindly phoned around and took the leftovers to the Micah Project on Boundary Street, a charitable organisation that offers a range of community support services.

We were thrilled to raise $2,889.25 from our little bake sale from just 2 floors of people at 144 Montague Road (and of course this will be matched by Origin).

Kind regards, Sandra Schulte.”

We’re humbled and amazed. The cakes looked simply fantastic!

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