Progress Report: 7 November 2012

E-mail from Rachel, 7 November 2012:

Hi all,

Well we are still in waiting for the arms and legs, but as you can see below, the process is well underway. Matthew should receive his first arm next Monday and at the measuring up, Emily supervised very closely (as in the photo below)….you see Emily loves to have her back rubbed by Daddy’s stump – it is a perfect length when she cuddles him!  She will definitely be involved in how this will all work!

Matthew has had a good week , getting stronger in the gym and building his stamina – he has managed to shuffle independently for 150 meters around the rehab / gym. He did say that when he does it, he has to watch people walking around corners and out of doors in case they don’t see him and bowl him over!  I did suggest a helmet but he just shrugged and smiled. As Matthew gets stronger, more regular outside visits are happening and also attached is a photo of dinner last night with the kids at Southbank.

Matthew and the family had a lovely and very quiet time at home last weekend. It was a nice change to just chill, work out more logistics and spend some time together. Matthew has access to a new style of wheelchair to trial which is a paediatric chair – it lowers the seat and has provided heaps more flexibility to get in and out of couches, onto the floor etc. Matthew also had an awesome game of soccer with the kids in the backyard. He has gone back to his old role of goal keeper and the boys in particular found the challenge of getting the ball past the wheelchair in ‘rabbit’ mode particularly fun!

Matthew and the family are being taken to the first test next Friday by some amazing people who have engaged with the family as a result of what has happened. Luke is beside himself with excitement!

Increased visits from people have been fantastic and Matthew very much looks forward to catching up with friends and work colleagues. It brings freshness to the day and he is genuinely interested in finding out what is going on in our worlds!  Former ICU staff have been in to visit and some great new friends have joined our world.

The generosity and kindness of people never cease to amaze me. Thank you for all those who have contacted me in relation to fundraising; as discussed I will be in touch soon with our plans. For those who are contributing their time, effort and support thank you. It means the world to us.

Diane has asked me to remind those who would like access to the blog and don’t have it already, please email and she will help you sort it out.  We are also making a few extra blogs open in this site that relate to earlier days in this story, which may add some further depth to our experiences.

And for those who are getting emails from Matthew – below is proof it is from him! This was a photo taken earlier today!

And in new family news, Kate and Jason are moving to Brisbane. The family will be closer and we are so very excited. The cousins are pumped about being able to see more of each other. Pretty cool really.

Take care, look forward to chatting soon.

Emily supervising Matthew’s fit for an arm.

Matthew, finding a new way to write his e-mails.

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