Back home

Matthew and Diane returned from Melbourne after only a few days away. The surgery was successful, and Matthew is feeling pretty good although it’s taken a few days to get over the tiredness. Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes – once again, we’ve been overwhelmed. It looks good for another visit in July to get the leg stumps prepared. QANTAS once again were amazing, so the trip down and back was very easy, in relative terms.

Matt and Di’s wedding anniversary was on the 10th of June. Matthew recovered so well from the operation that Di was able to get him out to lunch for an hour while in Melbourne. Here’s a pic…


One response to “Back home

  1. All the best Matthew and Diane. I, also, would not have doubted your character to show fortitude and resolve to face your challenges head on – qualities of a true leader. Keep at it mate, the two of you have plenty of time to make a lot of accomplishments yet.

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