St Thomas’ Masquerade Gala

We are very humbled, as the Renovating Matthew Ball is now officially sold out with almost a month to go and over 500 tickets sold. It’s been a huge effort by the organising committee, and should be a fantastic evening. 

If you missed out, and would still like to party on with us before the Christmas season descends, the St Thomas Masquerade Gala will be held on 24 August, and tickets are $65 per head.

It’s a stand-up cocktail function being held at The Noble Tree House, St Thomas Catholic Primary School, Camp Hill. More details are available here: St Thomas Masquerade Gala 24 Aug 2013. 

All funds raised will assist with the purchase of Matthew’s new limbs, which we’re hoping he will be able to use early next year. 

One response to “St Thomas’ Masquerade Gala

  1. Wow, that’s fantastic, I can’t believe how fast the tickets sold. If any tickets /tables become available please let me know as I have a group of people who would love to come along and support Matthew. Cheers Belinda

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