Sunday Night

Matthew has recovered really well from his operation, and he and Di are due back in Brisbane tomorrow.

Some of you would be aware that tomorrow night, Matthew’s story will be featured on Sunday Night, Channel 7 after the X Factor.

It’s a big step for us, and came about after media interest generated as a result of the article about Matthew published in the Courier-Mail in June. It took some time to consider how we would proceed, because Matthew needed to be really clear about why he would tell his story more widely. When I wrote the article, we were motivated by the desire to raise Matthew’s profile in Brisbane so people wouldn’t stare; rather, they would know who he was and that would be of comfort to the kids. That worked!

The feedback from that article, however, also made it very evident that many people were personally affected in a positive way, and we still need to raise funds for the first set of prosthetics. So, Matthew and Diane placed their lives in the hands of Lisa Ryan, producer, and her team at Sunday Night, and we have all been working with them closely over the past six weeks or so.

We have not seen the story and won’t before it airs, but the time spent with Lisa, fellow producer Alex, and cameramen Rowan, David, Aaron, and Gerard has been thoroughly enjoyable. The team couldn’t have been more accommodating, hardworking, and fun to work with in sometimes pretty interesting circumstances. We are very glad that Chris, the underwater cameraman survived a party session in the pool with twenty odd people kicking around above him…

It was also a great privilege to meet Mike Willesee, who took great care with everyone and won over the children, as you will see tomorrow night.

We were worried about how the kids would go, but we shouldn’t have been. Emily got to go shopping with Lisa and fell in love with her cameramen, particularly Rowan; Luke got to direct the kids (“Emily, can you please move – the camera can’t see me”); Will got to perform; and Ben got to be Ben.

We’re also extremely grateful to all the medical staff who agreed to be part of the story. Those you will see are the tip of the mammoth iceberg of medical support we have received over the past year since Matthew had his operation, and hopefully everyone who has had anything to do with his journey will get some sense of achievement in Matthew’s success.

A few of us have cried at the promos, so I think it’s going to be an emotional night for some of us as we go back over the story, but I think we’re feeling glad to have the opportunity to tell it as Matthew moves on to a new stage. We have no idea what lies ahead as it feels a bit like stepping off a cliff. However, the amazing Sam Bailey, featured on Australian Story, was kind enough to contact us earlier this year. He and Matthew had a good talk the other night about what to expect.

Sam’s words were: “Just enjoy it.” Great advice, and thanks!

67 responses to “Sunday Night

  1. My kids were so inspired they are going to spend three days of their school holidays running a garage sale… All proceeds will go to you Matthew..We run a family day care in Deloraine TAS and i am so proud of all our day care families donating and buying from the sale today! we look forward to sending the money soon…What an inspiration you are to us all…

  2. OMG Matthew Ames you are an incredible man/human being
    And I’m sure you touched a lot of hearts last night with your amazing story or courage and humility.
    It certainly made me look at life in a very different way.
    They say that God/Universe doesn’t give us things that we can’t handle
    i Truly believe that you are hear to make us all look at our lives/selves and to help us all realize that we can for anything we put our minds to as long as we have positivity, belief and support from our loved ones.
    I told my mother this morning that when ever I feel low/self pity…. I’m going to think of beautiful Matthew Ames and know if u can do it so can I…
    Thank you Matthew for being a humble Australian who never gives up . You are an inspiration to us all
    Di I truly think you are also an amazing woman who’s love for her husband and family has been the glue that has held your family together….You made an incredibly hard decision an easy one…… Due to your belief /love/respect for your husband as you knew that he would get thru this tough ordeal as he had you (and his 4 beautiful children by his side)
    I’m so looking forward to watching the next part of your families incredible story and know that Matthew will handle his new bionic limps easily because he has the attitude, his family and most of Australia (even the world)) behind him
    I only hope that one day I get a chance to meet to you all as I would love to give Matthew a big hug
    I send loving energy yo you and your family
    Kind regards and lots of respect

  3. You are all such inspiring people.Matt, Di and children. We truly hope that all future surgery are a success. We are praying and sending our hugs and kisses to you all.We have made a donation. Sorry it can’t be bigger. Keep up the faith. Love to you all.

  4. Di
    You are a courageous woman and knew your husband well enough to make the right decisions
    You are both an awesome inspiration
    To both your family and now followers of your story
    Such admiration even though you must struggle so much xxoo

  5. What a story and what a family! Matt, you are an inspiration for your courage and love for your wife and kids. I think you will have all of Australia behind you and your bionic journey after the ‘Sunday Night’ show. Di, wow, what an amazing woman you are. Your strength and love is the backbone of your family. It must be hard to keep going at times but if anyone can do it, I feel you can! Matt is a lucky man to have such a strong woman beside him. All the best for the next stage of the ‘rebuilding’, our hearts are with you. 🙂

  6. It was certainly an emotional journey last night with Matt, Di and the kids. Even though I feel that I have been on the journey with them from the beginning I felt like I couldn’t breathe watching the show and was right back to last year. The children were a delight and Matt and Di must feel very proud of them all. I send a big thank you to your whole family, medical team, friends and support group for their love and support. You are an amazing couple and wonderful role models to all Australians.

  7. This is such an overwhelming story to listen to, let alone to live it. You are all super human and deserve the world. It made me realize how important love, family and relationships we are, just to live harmoniously and live every moment. I am so touched by your story and hope that nothing but the best comes for the Ames family. ❤

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are both such inspirations and your children are just wonderful. From my family to yours we send our love and best wishes for your journey.

  9. My husband and i watched the show on Sunday night and were spellbound what a brave beautiful family and we would like to make a donation and we hope all of Australia get behind this inspirational family.

  10. After watching your story on the Sunday Night program 24hrs ago I’m still struggling to put into words how the story made me feel. The love you guys share is truly amazing and is so very apparent by the way you absolutely adore each other. I am in awe of how you both have dealt with the situation and every facet of your lives which it has changed in the blink of an eye.

    I’m not even sure if you’ll ever read this but if you do, I wish you every success with all you have in front of you. You are an inspiration to myself and I’m sure many others who saw the story or know you in day to day life. Thank you both so much for sharing what is obviously a very deep & personal situation, it’s changed my life forever.

  11. Dear Di & Matthew
    What a great team you are along with your beautiful children. Matt after watching you on Sunday Night both my husband Kent & myself agreed that when we think we have it tough we will think of you to make us pull our heads. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION Thank you for sharing your story to help us at the end of the day. BIG HUGS Christine & Kent Ravaillion

  12. What a Man. !you are the true meaning of courage Mathew..
    Your beautiful children are a reflection of both yourself and your wife.
    Good luck with your “rebuilding””we know you can do it .
    Sending our love and good thoughts Pat and Rob.

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