Sunday Night

Matthew has recovered really well from his operation, and he and Di are due back in Brisbane tomorrow.

Some of you would be aware that tomorrow night, Matthew’s story will be featured on Sunday Night, Channel 7 after the X Factor.

It’s a big step for us, and came about after media interest generated as a result of the article about Matthew published in the Courier-Mail in June. It took some time to consider how we would proceed, because Matthew needed to be really clear about why he would tell his story more widely. When I wrote the article, we were motivated by the desire to raise Matthew’s profile in Brisbane so people wouldn’t stare; rather, they would know who he was and that would be of comfort to the kids. That worked!

The feedback from that article, however, also made it very evident that many people were personally affected in a positive way, and we still need to raise funds for the first set of prosthetics. So, Matthew and Diane placed their lives in the hands of Lisa Ryan, producer, and her team at Sunday Night, and we have all been working with them closely over the past six weeks or so.

We have not seen the story and won’t before it airs, but the time spent with Lisa, fellow producer Alex, and cameramen Rowan, David, Aaron, and Gerard has been thoroughly enjoyable. The team couldn’t have been more accommodating, hardworking, and fun to work with in sometimes pretty interesting circumstances. We are very glad that Chris, the underwater cameraman survived a party session in the pool with twenty odd people kicking around above him…

It was also a great privilege to meet Mike Willesee, who took great care with everyone and won over the children, as you will see tomorrow night.

We were worried about how the kids would go, but we shouldn’t have been. Emily got to go shopping with Lisa and fell in love with her cameramen, particularly Rowan; Luke got to direct the kids (“Emily, can you please move – the camera can’t see me”); Will got to perform; and Ben got to be Ben.

We’re also extremely grateful to all the medical staff who agreed to be part of the story. Those you will see are the tip of the mammoth iceberg of medical support we have received over the past year since Matthew had his operation, and hopefully everyone who has had anything to do with his journey will get some sense of achievement in Matthew’s success.

A few of us have cried at the promos, so I think it’s going to be an emotional night for some of us as we go back over the story, but I think we’re feeling glad to have the opportunity to tell it as Matthew moves on to a new stage. We have no idea what lies ahead as it feels a bit like stepping off a cliff. However, the amazing Sam Bailey, featured on Australian Story, was kind enough to contact us earlier this year. He and Matthew had a good talk the other night about what to expect.

Sam’s words were: “Just enjoy it.” Great advice, and thanks!

67 responses to “Sunday Night

  1. Hope to be able to find the episode on the internet…but have asked mates to record for me to watch at Xmas in case.

  2. Dear Matthew & Diane
    What a beautiful story of your love. You’ll probably never read this, l just wanted to let you know your BOTH 2 very special.
    Beautiful diary Di.
    Many more years of happiness for you.

  3. Matthew and Diane (and family) you are an inspiration…..just incredible and words cannot express how much you are a leader. Matthew l am honoured that l am one of your work colleagues…..l originally practiced as an occupational therapist and your story has taken me back to the core roots of my original profession. My thoughts and prayers continue with you on your amazing journey.

  4. I think that if shows like million dollar minute and deal or no deal an afford to give so much money away then they should give some money to Matthew and his family to help him get his bionic limbs.

  5. Matthew you are an amazing man and what a gorgeous wife and family you have. You are an inspiration to all. I wish you and your family all the best and hope to see you up and running soon.

  6. Can’t find words to describe Matthew, Awsome comes to mind but does not do justice to this wonderful man, father, husband. He may have lost his limbs but he is a true whole man!!

  7. Thank you all the family for such an uplifting experience. I am watching Sunday Night, I have known you all for so long & have to admit how proud it makes me to be able to say that. All the children did so well & I especially felt compelled to send this message, Diane is very special & with Mathew’s strength & her love all can be conquered. I am also sure this would not be possible without your Mum & Dad’s love & support as well. Congratulations Katie & Rachael for making it possible for us to share in the progress of such a special person.(How like Roy he is ) My emotions have gotten the better of me I’m afraid but a good cry never hurt anyone, Love to you all, Merle

    On Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 9:51 PM,

    • Hi Merle! Great to hear from you, and thank you for the kind words, and yes, Mum and Dad are in the engine room! We will look forward to catching up at some point. XO

  8. My husband and i Have just watched the Sunday night special and your story has touched us deeply. You are an inspirational man and your family are absolutely beautiful. The love you all have for one another is so clear and I wish you a future filled with fantastic opportunities and fulfilled dreams xxx

  9. What a touching, emotional but mostly inspiring story. You are such a hero, an amazing father and loving husband. Wow.. so speechless! Congratulations on your achievements you deserve so much happiness.

  10. Just so your story on the sunday night show! Go matt and Di! you’re both very inspiring. hope the operation went well for bionic arm/leg! All the best!

  11. To Matthew, his family, friends and amazing support and medical team!
    Just finished watching the Sunday Night story about you….crying, laughing and amazed at your strength and determination….
    My husband, Matthew….as well, was injured in a work place incident a little over three years ago…he sustained lots of nerve damage, diagnosed with CRPS…lost fine motor skills and has chronic pain 24/7 in his hands and lower arms. He has had to re-teach himself all the basics… We also use the term ‘new normal’.
    As very different as you two are we saw many similarities…from great family man, sense of humour, the never give up attitude!
    Wishing you all the best in achieving everything you need! Look forward to following your progress. Inspirational 🙂

  12. Words can simply not explain how touched I feel right now, after watching SundayNight. What an amazing story! My husband and I watched tonight in complete silents (which doesn’t happen often!). We are so inspired by you and your beautiful family. You should be so proud of yourselves, for your children are such beautiful souls. Your courage, determination and positive mindset is incredible and we wish you nothing less than the best of everything.

  13. Love conquers all. how true that is in tonight’s story.Family is number one . Mathew and his wife touched our family’s hearts . We wish them the best that life can bring. Just want to send a note to thank them for sharing their story. please let us know how we can donate to help the dream in a small way Bet lots of others will Good luck Nathew See u on life’s highway

  14. I just watched your story with my two boys aged 12 and 9. Matthew, your courage and determination touched us all and Dianne your love for each other was a joy to watch. My children and I were so touched by your remarkable story they asked to donate their pocket money to you. We wish you all the very best as your journey continues and hope that our small contribution assists you in all the medical treatment you need.

  15. You guys are an inspiration, thanks for sharing your amazing story tonight on Sunday night. I am astounded and moved by your incredible love for each other and your children. I am actually lost for words. Thank you for showing us what true courage, strength, tenacity, devotion, love and hope look like.

  16. Thank you Matthew, Diane and your 4 beautiful babies for sharing your journey with the world via SN tonight! Yep… I cried… so many times throughout the hour, however, not out of sympathy (I could never truly understand what you guys have gone through) but out your willingness to be so genuine and allowing us to experience some of the raw emotion you guys have experienced, and love the holds your family together. You are both an amazing inspiration to us all and without doubt have already touched hundreds of thousands, soon to be millions of other lives! I will gladly donate some dollars to help renovate you Matt! Love to you all xx Bron – Korumburra

  17. Hi!
    I very seldom cry (usually reserved for death in the family) but I did watching Sunday Night.
    Your family’s story is quite sad & very difficult but that wasn’t the message that got highlighted to me. It was very uplifting… It was about love, honouring marriage vows, family, seeing the positive & carrying on with the ” new normal”
    It’s still a long journey ahead & my prayers are with you. I’ll try my best to attend your next event.

  18. What an incredible family you are. I just cried and cried as I watched your story, with joy and humility. Matthew, you are a beautiful human being. In the article your sister wrote it really blew me away when I read you say that before the amputations you were loved and happy and after you are loved and happy. Diane, you are so full of love, it shines out of every pore. I wish you all every success with the process of getting the bionic limbs and continued health and happiness. I am so inspired by the way you live your lives. Much love to you, Deb Noonan

  19. Thank you for sharing your story and your family with us. The amazing love you all share clearly gives you a strength that many of us cannot even imagine. Your story touched us deeply and we sincerely wish you continued strength as you continue this very challenging journey. We will look forward to watching Matthew’s progress and to seeing him achieve his goal to drive in 5 years. You are all truly inspirational and our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Karen & Graeme Hayes, Melbourne

  20. Hats off to the family and especially Di’s brave move to take the decision and live upto it. Matthew you are amazing!You are determined and have a very strong will power. I and my hubby are very touched with your story. You are a living example of never say impossible!

  21. What an amazing family! what an inspiration you all are… come on Australia dig deep into your pockets… Please let us know where to donate to help Matthew…

    • Dear Matthew,Di and boys…
      What an incredibly inspiring story of love and determination.
      Such an amazing journey. I also had a husband in ICU unconcious for a length of time and my diary of his journey is very precious…
      I wish you all the best with your upcoming surgery & rehabilitation and beyond. I hope to see more of your incredible story one day.

  22. Just saw you on Sunday night and you truly are inspirational Matthew. Props to your beautiful wife Di for staying strong and by your side, and I admire your ongoing bravery, endurance and positivity. Thank you and all the best.

  23. At times I wept, other times while watching your show tonight I was overwhelmed with a huge positive emotion. What a beautiful Family. Any man could only hope to have such a GREAT LADY stand buy your side. You must be proud Mathew. Very Inspiring to see a man overcome great difficulty and still come out the most positive out look I have ever seen. Orsom, very inspiring. I have a Business called CARTERS CUSTOMS, I own a 32 Ford Roadster, a Hot Rod, I would love to be able to Organise a free Hot Rod Ride at first and to Organise a Hot Rod Run as a Fund Raiser for Mathews Family. Please contact me to arrange a time and Venue. Tony Carter, 0413847920

  24. What an inspiration you are as a family…..I just saw Sunday night and was captivated by your love for one another….you are all amazing….will be following your progress….

  25. You are truly an inspirational family. I did cry a lot whilst watching the documentary and I wish you all the best. You are truly evidence that love is more important than anything else and when surrounded by people who love you, you can achieve anything. Lots of love to you all.

  26. Just saw you on Sunday Night, what a fantastic and inspirational couple you are! We look forward to seeing you when you are able to hug each other and hold hands once again when you have your bionic limbs

  27. Matt you are truly inspirational and an exceptional role model to your children and society as a whole, good luck for the future

  28. What a truly amazing family you are so strong,the love you share is so amazing,good luck with your new limbs you truly deserve to be able to hold hands again,good luck and love to yo all x x x

  29. Soul mates is the correct way to describe the both of you, both my husband and i are sending our love and support . Truly inspirational !! Much love Ben And Bec Jones

  30. Such an incredible love story. We too have three boys and a little girl (7, 6, 3, and 19 months). Your story absolutely touched our heart. I pray that your family will grow from strength to strength.

  31. Dear Matt and Di, thank you for sharing your amazing story. You are the two most incredible people I have ever come across.
    Di, the love, belief and devotion you have for Matt has made me cry many tears of admiration and makes me very thankful for the love I have in my life.
    Matt’s bravery, attitude and strength is nothing short of super-human, and pressing through all that pain in his rehabilitative journey he is a hero to me. They are both heroes to me because I went through years of life-threatening illness myself and had an amazing wife you never gave up on me or stopped loving me, and that’s what gets me through each and everyday. I have 2 great kids and can relate to Matt’s love of his kids.
    Mate, I wish you all the best with your new prosthetic limbs. Good luck.

  32. Matt, as an engineer I’m sure you know how often work can get in the way of a bedtime story. To see your documentary tonight, there reading to your kids, and your fight to be there for your family – both you and your wife are truly inspirational!
    Thanks for telling your story. I’m sure you’ve helped, not just me, but many others to stop and focus on what’s important.
    Well done mate – stay strong!

  33. Matthew Ames you are one hell of a man!! You have faced the most horrendous trauma head on,with the strongest of women right by your side…your gorgeous children have their own “Superhero” to love & guide them, and now you are inspiring everyone you come in contact with !! Your family deserves every bit of support it can get. Truly remarkablestrength & courage shown from each member of this beautiful family. So moving, yet full of inspiration …can’t wait to see what happens next for you Matthew x

  34. I was overwhelmed by the love between Di and Matthew…so beautiful. They are an inspiration to us all…incredible family.

  35. Hi to all the Ames family, my family were indeed mesmerised by the story and more so your immense courage. The most beautiful lesson that love can conquer any adversity. To you Di, words cannot express my admiration for your inner strength. I had heard of this amazing mum through the local community, and it affirmed all that I had heard. You so deserve to hold hands with your bionic husband once again! To you Matt, your determination is unequivocally beyond compare to anything I have ever seen! May you all be blessed with great success with your next step! 🙂 🙂

  36. Dear Matthew, Dianne and family,
    Sometimes an experience in your life affects you to a degree that you are never quite the same again. Your story is one of those moments. What a beautiful family, what a love story, but above all, this is a story of remarkable strength and resilience. May those of us who complain about ‘little’ things, put our problems in perspective, as we watch you Matthew, taking on enormous challenges with unwavering perseverance with the love and support of a beautiful family.
    As a school teacher,I am always focused on developing children’s resilience. Everybody needs to see this story, what a special place our world would be with more people like you!
    Thank you for choosing to share your story in such a public way. There is something for all of us to take away. Best wishes for the future, I will follow your story with great interest. May your bionic prothesis
    bring greater independence and joy to your life.
    You all deserve happiness beyond measure.

  37. Hi, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your story of Matthew, although I have been following his journey. I laughed and cried with you both but how great it is to see the love you both share for each other through good and bad times and the love and pride you have for your children. This will make them better people when they grow up.

    Good luck to you all in the future.

    love Val xx

  38. Matthew was an amazing, inspiring and loving person before this horrible incident and nothing has changed. Legs and arms are just appendages to a beautiful heart and now the whole of Australia gets to share his journey with his incredible family! All our love Fiona, Tim and Alexander x

  39. Having just finished watching your Sunday night article, snuggled up in bed with our two munchkins squished in between us, our family want your family to know that you are our new heroes. When the days are tough, know we are cheering you on, when the road ahead seems long, we are right behind you sending love and support. Our children took so much from your son’s words that ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’ – a message and way of life we strongly believe in and have instilled in them. We’ll be following your blog (our first ever) and donating what we can and look forward to reading the chapter of your story when you are not only encompassed in family love but wrapped up tight in a bionic family bear hug!

  40. What an amazing and inspirational family, you are blessed to have such love around you. I wish you all the best with your new limbs and hope that everyone who watched and cried with you last night find it in their hearts to donate to your new limbs as I have done. God Bless

  41. Hello Matthew, just dropped by to say a few words and to wish you well. Thank you for allowing us to watch your story last night, I feel truly humbled. What an inspiration you are to each and every one of us!! I believe that it takes a special kind of person to go through a challenge such as yours and to come out the other end positive, focussed and determined. Your mindset speaks volumes about the type of person that you are. Your family and friends are extremely lucky to have you in their lives. I used to live in your street and our kids went to the same school as yours. I used to see you from time to time at the school or in the neighbourhood park and often wondered what had happened to you. Sadly I never plucked up the courage to say ‘hello’. The love and bond that you, Diane and your children share, well that is simply breathtaking! I can’t wait for you to get those bionic limbs, so that you can get up and about and chase your children around the yard once again 🙂 I hope that our donation helps in some way towards that goal. All the very best to you Matthew. Go bionic man …. onwards and upwards!!!

  42. Hi Matthew, Di and family, a truly inspiring story and a wonderful family you have. Your children are a real credit and reward to your great parenting, they to are inspiring. My wife works for Origin and has kept up with your progress and we wish you all the very best. Some great challenges lay ahead and I have no doubt that you will conquer them and more. Matthew, thank god you are still here to share your story and your families lives with us. Di, I admire you for making such a tough decision and knowing in your heart that it was the right one. Please let us know where we can make a donation. Cheers Daryl and Ruth.

  43. What a beautiful love story, it was beautiful to watch the respect, the unconditional love you have for for each other and your beautiful children, I know you will do well in the future I do not need to wish you luck, but just know you all are an inspiration to some who need inspiring and your whole family brings us back to what is important – love and care for each other.
    God bless you all.

  44. An inspirational role model to us all not least your own children , a wonderful couple who deserve nothing but the best you give a whole new meaning to resilience. We look forward to hearing more of your progress.

  45. Your a very strong and brave man. I can see you really care for your family. I hope you have a beautiful future.
    From Chiara (I’m 9 years and live in Adelaide)

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