Frisbees, Friends, and Funds

Well it’s been an amazing fortnight or so since the story aired on Channel 7’s Sunday Night, and the last week or so has actually been time to catch a breath for Matthew and Diane, catching up on some rest. The response to the story has been beyond overwhelming, and we’re in a position to purchase the first set of limbs when the time comes early next year after the final rounds of surgery. We’ve joked that we’ll have to colour the prosthetics green and gold, because they were funded by Australia..we’ll see how we go on that one.

Here’s a letter Rachel wrote to supporters for whom we have e-mails but are not necessarily following this blog, so it’s worth posting here, because the sentiment goes for all who have supported us:

Thank you so much for your lovely email and kind wishes.  We have been overwhelmed by the response to the Sunday Night program and humbled by the outpouring of support both by emails and by financial donations.  We are delighted to say that over $500,000 has been donated to a foundation which was set up to support Matthew’s mobility and arms and legs.  All donations received will be directed to this purpose and his first set of limbs are now covered.  How amazing, and certainly Matthew was not seeking or expecting such support!  It means that the journey to new limbs can continue without hesitation or concern for funds for now.

Your email and message has been passed to Matthew and Diane to read – with the volume of emails, the may take some time to work through them.  Unfortunately, they may not be able to provide a personal response, however please know that your message has been read and truly warmly received.

Rachel Fraser,

Matthew’s sister & team member of the renovatingmatthew Foundation

Matthew is reading the comments and e-mails, so rest assured that your messages do get through to him. Matthew also wrote a letter to Sunday Night viewers thanking everyone for their support. He and Diane are also very conscious of all the great work done from the moment he became ill, and the ‘above and beyond’ efforts people and members of their immediate community have made to help raise funds. Here’s a great story about Emma Franks, who is the daughter of a friend (Jeanette) of our mother (Christine). Emma is throwing a frisbee across Canada in support of the Renovating Matthew Foundation, and we think she’s pretty awesome. It explains the frequent visitors to this site from Canadian friends who are meeting Emma on her journey!

Finally, Matthew is doing some talking over the next couple of days, with a speech to some school children tomorrow and then he’s spending some time in Rockhampton to talk with CQUniversity senior management group and community members on Friday. If you are in Central Queensland (or at any one of the campuses at which it has campuses) you will be able to see him talk, here are the details. It’s his first venture into the general speaking space, and he’s really looking forward to meeting some new people. I’ll provide an update of how it all went next week.

5 responses to “Frisbees, Friends, and Funds

  1. Have just enjoyed an update on Mathew, you are all doing an amazing job in keeping all who are interested up to date with the proceedings. It is quite a surreal feeling knowing someone in this position & on national Television, I usually feel removed though sympathetic, but definitely not in this case. How wonderful that people have opened their wallets & their hearts, you must all feel very proud. Ciao for now & all the best to you all, Merle

    On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 8:31 PM,

  2. Sincerely appreciate these updates and we wish Matthew and the whole family well on the journey to your new ‘normal’.
    Cheers and much love & respect from my family. Pauline Meehan

  3. Hi! I’ve just seen the program on Channel 1 which featured Matthew Ames and family. What an incredible story. I though of Nick Vujicic. who has no limbs as well but the difference with him was his condition was since birth. I don’t know if you’ve heard about him but he has touched a lot of disabled people and his faith in the Lord is strong that God uses him to give love and hope everywhere he goes. Please copy & paste this link to Google to see his website: God bless you, Matthew and I pray for the successful operation of your new bionic limbs and God provides your needs. Incidentally, he was born in Australia. God bless you! Sincerely, Dorothy

  4. Just come across your story while surfing the channel 7 website. Matthew, you are such a great fighter. Wishing you, Diane and the family all the very best!

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