Halloween Fun

Another amazing month has flown past, with life settling down a bit. There were a few highlights, mostly relating to meeting new people and sharing stories, many of which are similar to Matthew’s. I’ve added some links, but of particular interest to other amputees might be Randy Hanger’s site which features different prosthetics. We also heard from Pam, the mother of the amazing Charlotte Cleverly-Bisman, after Matthew’s story was featured in New Zealand. Matthew is very very slowly working his way through e-mails in response. Thanks to those who have taken the time to make contact – for us, our journey is still in the beginning stages while for many, the journey is some years on. It’s very comforting to know we are not alone and to get a sense of where the journey can go, and actually, how wonderful it can be.

We do know that there are lots of new perspectives to be gained from the journey, and one of these includes ‘what you can do with a set of prosthetic arms’, thanks to taking part in Halloween this year. Last year, Matthew was in rehab so the occasion passed the family by. Halloween’s popularity as an event seems to be growing, and this year quite a few local streets were involved in a community party.

While Di and the kids walked the streets ‘trick or treating’ with Di’s great friend Nicole and Nicole’s children, Matthew and Nicole’s husband David set up camp outside David’s house, handing out tricks and treats.  The treats were chocolates, placed into Matthew’s ‘hooks’ by David (one at a time). The trick was to see if kids were brave enough to put their fingers into the hooks. Most were! Matthew was very impressed at how courageous and polite all the children were. There was quite a line up at one stage and David had to help out with handing out the chocolates when demand outstripped Matthew’s ability to supply, and David’s ability to refill the hooks. A great time was had by all and I will update this post with photos when I have won my most recent battle with technology over the next few days. 

As many of you would know, Matthew is the Queensland finalist in the Pride of Australia Awards. The awards are being televised on Channel Ten’s Studio 10 program (starting 8.30 am AEST) this Friday 15 November. It’s a really amazing group of everyday Australians in which Matthew finds himself honoured, and we’re wishing everyone the best for the day. 

Finally, a big hello to John McGilvray from Junee, who is in Bathurst tonight and half way through completing a charity ride on behalf of Matthew. For John, the journey is also about the personal achievement of cycling over 500 kilometres. You can follow his journey and we think he’s pretty special, as are all of those who have worked to raise funds for Matthew.

Until next time…

3 responses to “Halloween Fun

  1. Hello to you all from Malanda, Thank’s again for the update I will be watching the programme on Fri.& all the best of luck to Mathew, enjoy the experience no matter what the result it has been a very fulfilling journey so far after all Matt has been through & the strength of you all in support. Ciao for now, Merle

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these special moments, I love reading the updates. I too am an amputee and hoping to meet Mathew and his family one day soon. Take care x

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