Statement about Legal Action

Hi there everyone,

You may be aware of media coverage over the next few days relating to Matthew’s intent to take legal action.

Here’s a statement from him:


A question that I have often received and have also asked myself is why did this happen to me?

Losing all of my arms and legs has obviously had a momentous impact on my life. The changes resulting from my disability have come at significant personal cost, and the costs associated with my care will continue for the rest of my life.

As a result, I have made the decision to investigate my legal options to better look at why this happened and the consequent impacts it has had on me personally and my family.

Since this happened to me, I have received an amazing outpouring of support from the community, with so many people coming forward to support me and my family, including through the Renovating Matthew Foundation. That support has been critical to enabling me to get to where I am today with my recovery, and it is my hope that in taking this further action I will be able to help others in similar situations, who may not be as lucky as me in having had the support that I’ve had.

Sadly, my disability was preventable. It could happen to anyone, but it shouldn’t. I hope that my case can raise awareness of the potential seriousness of these infections and the need for urgent treatment to try and prevent a similar incident.  If my case can help others, some good will have come from my situation.

I would like to thank everyone again for their support to date.


We thank everyone for their support which continues to be amazing. I will provide an update on his new hand (which remains forthcoming) when it arrives.

Cheers, Kate.

6 responses to “Statement about Legal Action

  1. Over the years I’ve read a lot of stories about what you went through and your progress, your absolutely amazing! The support you have from your wife as well and your positive attitude to it all is inspiring. Over all the time I had read your stories I hadn’t picked up on the fact you suffered Toxic Shock until now.

    End of last year I suffered from Toxic Shock after a surgery the day before. I went to emergency thinking I was over reacting and that I just had a slight infection would be given antibiotics and sent on my way. I was lucky that the doctors were very quick to get on top of it. I didn’t know it but I had a sunburn rash over me as well.

    its such a serious illness that regular healthy people can suffer and it can strike without warning. Doctors need to realise that yes 98% of people it is a flu but for the other 2% it may be something more serious.

    Keep up the good work, your an inspiration to many!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. One of the reasons we spoke publicly about this was to highlight the issue and promote education. It’s really great to hear that in your case doctors got on top of it, but also that you recognised something was wrong in the first place. All the best, and thanks for making contact. Kate 🙂

  2. Hello to you all, Good luck with your new hand Matthew & with your endeavour to find a reason for your the predicament you find yourself in, such a serious & devastating outcome for you. It would be hoped some answers could be found so that this situation may not happen to anyone else. I do hope this finds you all well, Fond regards, Ciao for now, Merle

    • Hi Merle,

      Thanks so much for making contact, and yes, it would be nice to find some answers. We have had some lovely emails from others sharing their stories in the last few days, which has been really helpful. Thanks as always for your support and lots of love from us all. Kate XO

  3. It is absolutely tragic that you now have to face the rest of your life as a severely disabled person. That you were misdiagnosed several times in the lead up to this catastrophe is just inconceivable.

    My hope is that you are sufficiently compensated so that you are able to access the help and equipment that you will need to provide you, Diane and the children the best quality life both now and in the future.

    All the very best, Claire

    • Hi Claire. Thank you. Even a few years on, it’s still hard to comprehend that this didn’t have to happen. Please know that Matthew and Di (and all of us) are so appreciative of all your help, and know the ongoing support from your family has been unwavering. Lots of love, Kate.

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