Seven years on

This time seven years ago, we were waiting for Matthew to return from surgery to remove his limbs. We had said our goodbyes, having been told it was unlikely he would survive. Yet as dusk fell, we were still hopeful. No news was good news. Some of us had gone to the local pub for dinner, knowing Matthew was in good hands and there was nothing more we could do.

We had argued for a chance of life. The children needed to know we had done everything. He needed the opportunity to see them grow up.

We believed he could cope with the choice we were asking him to live with. We knew we would be there as a family, and community, to support him.

It feels like a lifetime ago, and yesterday at the same time.

And aren’t we grateful.

Matthew has met many unexpected milestones, such as learning to drive his modified car. He can be seen around Brisbane on the sidelines cheering on one (or more) of the children playing sport. He serves on boards for organisations such as Hear and Say, and works closely with the government and other organisations to prevent sepsis happening to others. He also gives the odd speech and appears on stage every now and then.

Matthew - stage

This year, Matthew had the chance to catch up with Dr Tim McMeniman, the orthopaedic surgeon who led the team that saved his life. It was great moment to be able to reconnect. We know how difficult the decision to do the surgery was for the team involved.

Matthew and Tim

He also spent heaps of time with Teddy, who came into the family a few years ago after he was not considered eligible for an assistance dog. Teddy’s favourite place is Matthew’s wheelchair platform.

2018-07-20 22.14.29

He had the opportunity to teach Luke to drive on a farm,  be there for Emily’s  confirmation, go to the cricket with Will, and be by Ben’s bedside when he became ill. All the while, supported and supporting Diane.

Matthew and Luke

Matthew and Emily

2018-10-10 18.20.33

2019-01-30 08.16.01-3

Matthew and Diane finally went out for their anniversary dinner at the Rooftop Emporium this year – the one they missed out on seven years ago.

Matt and Di

Below is a video that summarises Matthew’s view on adapting to his new life. Our sincere thanks to David Fagan who organised this for a speech at QUT.

The next milestone is a set of new legs that Matthew has been training for. These legs will have knees and will help him become taller. They present a whole new set of challenges, mainly not falling!

We’re conscious that this blog hasn’t been updated for a while, and that there may be questions people have about specific aspects of Matthew’s recovery and rehabilitation. We’re happy to continue the blog. If you have any specific questions (eg. bionics, training, technology), please feel free to post these in the comments. We’ll then focus on answering these in future blog updates.

In the meantime, we wouldn’t be where we are without the amazing support of community, friends, family, medical experts – the list is very long.

Quite simply, thank you.



11 responses to “Seven years on

  1. Thank you. I met you both when Matthew was nominated for Father of the Year award. I have thought about your family often, and wondered how Matthew was going. May God continue to Bless you in amazing ways.

  2. Hi Matthew, it is so lovely to catch up on your news and to see your beautiful family growing. You are always in our thoughts. Take care and keep the posts coming. Bronwyn xx

  3. Thank you for taking the time to update. It was only earlier this week I our family was talking about sepsis and I said to my husband that I wondered how Matthew was doing. With best wishes to he and his loving support team and hope the kicking of goals continues on and on and on…..

  4. Thank you Kate for taking the time to post this beautiful, heartwarming update on Matthew and his loving supporting family’s progress to date. It was incredibly disturbing to hear of Matthews illness seven years ago and I wondered how anybody could possibly endure such a setback, but Matthew has proved that nothing is insurmountable; he has achieved the milestones and always with a smile. You really are inspirational Matthew and family. I hope Ben is well…

  5. Hello to you all, thank you for the update, your progress is very special Matthew, you are a champ, CONGRATULATIONS! Your wonderful support system of family & friends have been with you all the way & deserve an accolade as well. 7 years!! Unbelievable!! Love, Merle

  6. Hi Mathew and Kate,

    Great post! So glad that things seems to be moving forward for you. I get to meet many, many people in my work and am lucky enough to work with some as well. You and your family stand out and are in my mind some days, as an inspiration.

    Take care,


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  7. So good to hear how Matthew is now doing, as I have often wondered how he was coping with life now. Matthew you are so inspirational and Dianne did make the right choice 7 years ago – look at what you have achieved. Happy Anniversary to you both and I know you look forward to celebrate many more.
    Love and Light – Trish Tindale

  8. Matthew I am so happy to see how your life has evolved. Your beautiful family must be so glad that you are still around to celebrate all the milestones of their lives. Well done for being so strong!!

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