How You Can Help

We have had many wonderful requests from people we know and people we’ve never met before about how they can help. We have received many offers for assistance and our gratitude is immense. To date, donations from the public have amounted to enough for the Renovatingmatthew Foundation to purchase two sets of prosthetics over the next 10 years. It is nothing short of amazing. As a result, we have stopped actively fundraising until Matthew’s long-term needs and funding options become clearer.

In the meantime, a percentage of the proceeds from Will to Live are being directed to Limbs for Life, and we would also like to encourage support of the Amputee and Families Support Group (Queensland). Both of these groups have been amazing in their support of Matthew and other amputees, and without their services we really don’t know where we would be.

If you still wish to donate to the Renovating Matthew Foundation, the Renovatingmatthew Foundation manages funds raised for Matthew’s prosthetics and associated care. All donations to the Renovating Matthew Foundation are fully tax-deductible.

Donations can be made via:

1.    Give Now – see 

2.    Donate now via Everyday Hero – see

3.    Cheques can be made out to the Renovating Matthew Foundation, and sent to PO Box 174, Cannon Hill QLD 4172.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

To everyone who has supported us so far, thank you. You have made the journey possible.

48 responses to “How You Can Help

  1. I just finished reading your story in the Courier Mail. I was very emotional reading it and also whenever I revisit my thoughts about your story. It’s not about what you lost. I feel my emotional reaction is about what you have….the love and support of your wife and family….friends that care deeply…..your inner strength….the drive to keep achieving goals. Inspirational.
    Gary G.

  2. I don’t know how I can pass our email address on to you but please feel free to contact us. My name is Dianne and my husband’s name is Matthew! Go figure! Matthew has been a dual arm amputee since he was 2 due to a farming accident. He wears 2 prosthetic arms. We are also expecting our 5th child which is a girl after 4 boys (quite similar to you as well). If we can help in any way to give you information that can help you in daily life please contact us. We would LOVE to give you any information that we have to help. 🙂

  3. I’ve just found your story – thank you Facebook. You are an amazing man. Your attitude and strength of mind is really inspirational. It’s time to think about writing that book about you are what you think! Also, start planning for the inspirational talks – I see them coming as your new career path :-). Many many blessings – so inspired by your journey.

  4. Matthew, you a true inspiration. I would like to extend an invitation to you and your whole family to join our scout group on a day trip to O’rillieys on Sunday 15th September. We will have transport, food and take care of any special needs you may have. If interested please let me know. Our group is based in Coorparoo.

  5. Hi Matthew Diane and Family;
    Just finished reading your storey and am so pleased with your progress. Miss you and the boys with sleepovers and Diane bringing Emily to visit you in rehab.
    Elsa Reg and Anna..

  6. Matthew you are truly an inspiration. I have been very keen to get in touch but didn’t know how until now – we all miss you at the GM safety forum and I would like to kick off some practical support for you and your amazing family. Would very much appreciate you getting in touch via email. Take care, Julie

  7. I just read your story at What an inspirational, heart-warming and emotional ride you took me on. I am so happy that someone like you exists. You have restored my faith in humanity.
    Although i have no money to give or anything to offer except my warm gratitude and positive thoughts, I will make sure that i keep up-to-date with your story. All the best to you and your family

  8. Looking forward to catching up with you Mattie, next time down in the “Big Smoke’.Using you as inspiration … Bill O’Brien

  9. I am in awe of your spirit. Many years ago, when I needed some help, the Ames family let me stay at their home for my last semester of university (Matthew and Dianne were engineering students, I think first or second year, and Rachel was in her final year of commerce and I was in my final year of science). Anyway, I was about to donate some money, but then I saw that Matthew has a hearing loss, and I am an audiologist, so maybe I can help that way?? I notice that he has Lyrics, and if I can be of any assistance, especially when it comes time to replace them, I would love to help. The Ames’ family were very good to me, and i would love to repay that kindness.

    • Hi Nina,

      Lovely to hear from you! I’ll pass the message on to Matthew and we’ll be in touch :).

      Kind regards, Kate.

      • Hi Kate – Like the rest of the entire country I sat glued to the Sunday Night show with tears streaming down my cheeks and have been just so moved with admiration, inspiration and love for you all. I then spent most of last night reading the story of Matthew, Dianne and family and I found your article in the CM. It especially resonated with me your description of sitting in the chapel at the Mater on a cold night in June 2012 because at that same period of time I had been sitting in a chapel at the Mater ( the children’s hospital chapel). My infant granddaughter was very ill in the ICU. She had been air lifted by chopper from nothern NSW. Like Matthew her little body had been inflicted with a common virus that most of us get and get over quickly. In Alexandra Kate’s situation the virus went wrong and attacked her little heart. We spent 6 weeks virtually “camped” at the Mater but lost the battle by the end of July that year. Now that I have found the page of Renovating Matthew I am pleased I will be able to follow the progress that this amazing family makes. My best wishes to you and all of your family. The courage you have all shown
        in this life changing and challenging battle will be so encouraging and inspiring to many.

  10. Hi Kate, I met Matthew and Diane at the Hawks dinner. When you have time could you please contact me on 0414 732 910 with regards to applying for a grant through the rt families foundation. I think Matthew would be eligible through his work in the electricity industry. Thanks & regards, Rebecca

  11. Amazing story Matt, and a strong reminder about what the truly important things in life are. I trust we our support can be a small thanks for your reminder and inspiration for me, my wife and our boys. Mark.

  12. HI Mathew and Dianne, I cant express strongly how much you too are an inspiration to us all, I am a paraplegic and more recently a hind quarter left leg amputee from a bone disease and boy you really are a determined and strong willed person and Di your such a strong lady. Please keep strong and I will happily donate to help your cause. Best of luck and I hope channel 7 keep us up to date on your progress. xxx
    From Sandra Wollburg in Victoria.

  13. I have just watched your story like many of us, I am in awe of your courage and determination. Mathew and Diane and your children, from my family to yours I wish you all the best and good luck to you and your future, i have made as donation I hope this helps in some way…xx

  14. I just finished watching your story on channel 7 and like many others all I can say is that you are a truly inspirational man! Thank you for sharing your story! God bless you and your beautiful family, Matthew!

  15. Matthew you and your family are truly amazing and inspirational. I was so moved when watching this on Sunday Tonight. The strength that you all show as you go through one of the toughest ordeals a person and family can endure is incredible. I have encouraged all my friends to donate to ‘renovating matthew foundation’ so that you can continue to receive what you and your family needs. We wish you and your family all the very best. We hope our donation helps you in some way. We admire your whole family’s strength and determination.

  16. Dear Matthew and Diane, we were truly moved to the point of tears, you are amazing and we wish you every possible success for the future.Brian and Mary

  17. I was lying on our couch feeling very sorry for myself with a bad tear in my hamstring. How inspirational is Matthew and his family. – what great power of LOVE. Matthew doesn’t need renovating – he has everything to get him through life! Good Luck Matthew & family I know you will do well. PS You may not need renovating but you will need money to achieve some of the physical obstacles – you’ve got the mental ones covered. $100 sent t help. Sandra Mullane & family Navigators. Vic. 3352

  18. omg …Matthew & Diane , your story brought tears to my eyes , truly amazing the strength and determination and the love and support you have …wish you well with your new arms and legs ..have just donate to your fund and I am encouraging all I know to do the same ..

  19. What a truly inspirational story tonight. A story of courage, determination and love. While our donation is small, it is hoped that may people across Australia will do the same to make the road ahead a little easier!

  20. You are an inspirational and beautiful person .. such strength. Your life has changed but as a result you will change many others in magical miraculous ways. The love between you and your beautiful wife Diane and four adoring children is breath taking. Your story, without this new instalment, would have been quite amazing in itself. Now it has taken a dramatic but revealing turn – it was evident you were a fun loving beautiful person before the limb loss and to keep that despite all the challenges and frustrations is a pure kind of beautiful – so unique – just as rare as your chance of survival. Ever strong .. always open to love. We are completely moved. XO

  21. You are an inspirational and beautiful person .. such strength. Your life has changed but as a result you will change many others in magical miraculous ways. The love between you and your beautiful wife Diane and your four adoring children is breath taking. Your story, without this new instalment, would have been quite amazing in itself. Now it has taken a dramatic but revealing turn – it was evident you were a fun loving beautiful person before the limb loss and to keep that despite all the challenges and frustrations is a pure kind of beautiful – so unique – just as rare as your chance of survival. Ever strong .. always open to love. We are completely moved. XO

  22. Hi Matthew and Dianne, after watching your story, I was moved to tears and I know many others will be as well. I admire your courage in the face of adversity and if ever I am feeling sorry for myself, then I will only have to reflect on your story and know I have nothing to feel sorry for. I only hope that the phantom pains recede and by the power of your mind, I know they will. I don’t have a lot of money but felt to inspired I just had to donate. I wish you and your family all the very best of luck in raising the funds you need and I will be donating again soon!
    Good Luck xxx

  23. Omg what a wonderfull family it is so hard to find love like yours Mathew I wish you all the very best for the future I have donated a little I hope that many others will follow god bless you and your family

  24. Just saw your story on channel 7, have donated to your fund and posted to my friends on facebook. You and your family are an inspiration and i wish you well. i can see you on the “talk circuit ” as a potential future career and it would not surprise me if you start getting offers to manage you starting tommorrow. All the best and i look forward to the follow up story after you have your bionic limbs.

  25. Such an inspirational story. The determination that you have. Such a beautiful wife and family, to give you the support that you need. I hope the government can assist you more to give the chance to walk and play cricket with your kids one day.

  26. We love your positive attitude and strength of character. Your family unit is something to be admired and something that the rest of us should strive for. Your story has touched our hearts and made us re-evaluate what is really important in life. Shoot for the stars… we know you’ll make it… *BIG HUG*

  27. I used to work with Di many years ago and through the years we sadly have lost touch. Matthew and Di are beautiful people who deserve our support and respect. Please pass on our love to Di and Matthew, from Liza, Chris, Jett and Lexi Wouters xx

  28. Hello Matthew, just dropped by to say a few words and to wish you well. Thank you for allowing us to watch your story last night, I feel truly humbled. What an inspiration you are to each and every one of us!! I believe that it takes a special kind of person to go through a challenge such as yours and to come out the other end positive, focussed and determined. Your mindset speaks volumes about the type of person that you are. Your family and friends are extremely lucky to have you in their lives. I used to live in your street and our kids went to the same school as yours. I used to see you from time to time at the school or in the neighbourhood park and often silently wondered what had happened to you. Sadly I never plucked up the courage to say ‘hello’. The love and bond that you, Diane and your children share, well that is simply breathtaking! I can’t wait for you get those bionic limbs, so that you can get up and about and chase your children around the yard once again 🙂 I hope that our donation helps in some way towards that goal. All the very best to you Matthew. Go bionic man …. onwards and upwards!!!

  29. Mathew – there is a God, he has his reasons, you are in his care!
    You are so lucky to have a loving wife and children who love you!

  30. I was so moved to tears the whole time of watching your Story on channel 7 on Sunday night. How inspirational, strength, beautiful and love live you have had. Your documentary video of your life can be a most powerful sample for educational support for foster strength in depression case. You should be a speaker of sharing your inspirational story to the public as a new career,. Your story should be made a true beautiful movie for the world..

  31. Dear Diane, Matthew & your 4 beautiful children, I wanted to write to you today, however note really knowing what to say but i also wanted to share my story with you. 2 years ago my partner Eric at age 37 was very ill and the doctors kept misdiagnosing him. 8 weeks later he was found to have a rare brain tumour which was cancer. Eric has been left with some drain damage and balance and mobility problems but he has come a long way since the operation 2 years ago. Like yourself Diane the love for my partner gave me the strength to know that i could not let this tumor and cancer take him from us and i did everything i could for him during his time in hospital and rehabilitation and during his treatments. I was there by his side in the hospital day and night and i wouldn’t have it any other way. Seeing your story last night you are both an insperation to all and I wish you all the very best, keep up the strength you both have to keep going forward, never give up! Kind regards Ilena Conte

    • Hello Ilena,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is important to know that being open with our story can help others, and we too are inspired by stories like yours.

      With much love.

  32. Hi Matthew & Diane, after seeing your story on Sunday night last night I was so moved. You are both such an inspiration and the love you have for one another is truly magical and will help get you through the tuff times. Watching your story has certainly put everything into perspective for me. No more ‘whoa is me’ and complaining about trivial things and taking the simple things in life for granted. I had my tax return done this afternoon and my tax refund of $1,000 is going to you to put towards your operation because I really want you to be able to hold your wife’s hand and give her a hug and to hug your children and hold their hands also and that to me will be money well worth spent. I wish nothing but the best for you both and your family also and truly hope that all goes well in the future for you. Take care

  33. Dear Matthew & family, thank you for sharing your story with the rest of the world. We were all chatting about you at work and at home as well. You are such an inspiration! What a lovely family and gorgeous kids. If I could, I would love to pay for even just one of your limbs, but all I can afford is a small donation – hope it helps a little bit! Best wishes for you your remaining operations. : )

  34. Matthew, God bless you and your lovely family and all those working for your bionic future.
    Best wishes…….June
    Best wishes……June

  35. Matthew, you are a true fighter. We have so much respect for you both. We truly wish you the best in your surgeries and rehabilitation towards a wonderful new life together.

  36. It is so difficult to put into words the completely overwhelming effect your story had on me as I watched you and your family on Sunday night.
    I hope you are able to get the 4 new limbs you need. I will continue to donate from pay to pay as I think it is extraordinary that you have fallen between the cracks of the Disability Funding Scheme.
    No human being could be more deserving of trying to retain their independence and dignity as you Matthew. You and your Family are truly inspirational.
    Just another ordinary individual who has been completely blown away by your courage, will to live and your quiet dignity.
    Light and love to you

  37. Hello Matthew and the entire Ames family, My husband and I have just started reading your story in the book Will to Live, we have felt so inspired by each of you and your love and courage and dedication to each other is amazing,,we wish you all much love and continued success in all you do now and in the are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyou Toni and Brad Grahame

  38. Just finished reading your book, it was so good I just cried and cried, especially when Mathew wrote, he should consider writing novels in the future, he is very good. And I am so happy to see bionics coming into play to help disable persons and sooo happy to see he can drive and hope to see him walk one day and do talk all over australia and go on Ellen de generes you need to share more of your story to the world so governments will fund further research to help quadriplegics. Matthew you are an amazing person whenever you are down think what an inspiration you are to the world, your existence will give hope to millions in this world and your perseverance and I like the fact that you push yourself a little bit further each time and set goals in small bites. You must promise me to continue to live and and continue to be an inspiration and fight for your cause. I am so proud of you

    • Esme – thank you so much for the lovely comment! Great to hear you enjoyed the book. Kate X

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