A new arm, and a new chapter…

Words can’t describe how excited we all are, because Matthew received his first prosthetic today – his arm.

Di says Christmas has come early, and the grin on Matt’s face is enough to tell you how what a relief it must feel to have some form of independence. Once again, he’s amazed us all, and has mastered the pen and scratching his nose already. Anyone who has ever tried to read Matt’s handwriting will notice the improvement already!

Onwards and upwards from here…some videos to come in the next couple of days.

Very happy!

Building towers…

Smiles all round!

Mastering the pen…(noting the handwriting is much improved in bionic Matthew!).


5 responses to “A new arm, and a new chapter…

  1. Fantastic, how wonderful are these photos. The faces of Matthew and children say it all. The Malyons think you are all the most incredible family. Stay smiling Matthew. xoxoxoxo

  2. Mathew I have my problems too, but you are an absolute marvel. I am soooo proud of you as a genuine Aussie bloke and if I had the money I would pay every bill for you. God Bless Mate you are a WONDER and dare I say my HERO.

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