Thank you…

Well, it has been quite the 48 hour ride, and one that has been very humbling.

A huge thank you to all those who have contacted us in some way after the article was published yesterday in the Q Weekend. We’ve heard from long-lost friends, people we’ve never met who are bound to become newfound friends, and the willingness of others to share information has been amazing. From suggestions about Ponstan as a pain relief option for phantom limb pains (thanks Julie – we laughed but we’re onto it!), to recommendations about fundraising possibilities, we are most grateful. We have particularly loved hearing from some of the behind-the-scenes medical staff involved in Matthew’s recovery, some of whom we have never met before – we’ve shed a few tears over your e-mails, and thank you for everything. A big hello to all our new followers – we hope you enjoy sharing the journey with us. For those who have made specific offers of help, we’ll be in touch via e-mail over the next few weeks.

Today, Matthew and the family went to the annual féte at his boys’ school. It was a big day, and an important one. This time last year, the boys had been lined up to perform, so Diane left Matthew in the hospital and took the children on her own. It was important at the time that a sense of normality prevail when the world was falling apart. When Diane left, some eight hours after Matthew’s operation, she didn’t know whether he would survive the day. At the time, Di said it was the strength of her very good friends who helped her through and many of us can only imagine how difficult that day must have been trying to put on a brave face. It was worth it – the children had a really wonderful time, and it was a great diversion for them. As we know now, Matthew was still battling on when she returned, and today was a great opportunity for him to catch up and say thanks to lots of familiar faces.

Herewith a couple of photos!

Matthew, Di, Ben, and Luke with Kevin Rudd

Matthew, Di, Ben, and Luke with Kevin Rudd, who spent quite a bit of time talking with Matthew about issues

Will, Emily, Matthew, and Ben, getting into the green spirit of things

Will, Emily, Matthew, and Ben, getting into the green spirit of things

2 responses to “Thank you…

  1. Hi to Matt and family. I ws working hard in rehab for nearly two weeks while you were there having the first try of your little legs. I enjoyed how the whole family were involved in the rehab, including Emily. She was really good at pushing Matt over. Matt, you must have seen so many people come and go through rehab. you may not remember me. I was the silver haired woman who Jacqui supervised while working with you . She said I was so good that she didn’t need to do much for me. I had had a second knee replacement. i feel blessed to live in these times with such medical technology as are you. Otherwise I would be one of those sad old people deteriorating in a wheel chair needing 24 hour care. My other leg has been acting up; not liking the changes in the new knee, but with the help of a great Osteopath improvement is going well and we are nevertheless organising two weeks in New Zealand in October! Keep it up everyone.

    With fond regards,

    Sue Bettison

  2. Hello to the Ames….
    Well I was wondering what was going on with you guys when I couldn’t contact you via linkedin… We had no idea.
    As you know, words for me are often not very hard to come by but mate… I am struggling!
    We are still on straddie, and still with the mine, lots have changed and some things are the same. Would love to drop in to see you all sometime, I am in the city every other day – even drove past your street a week ago and thought…”I wonder how they are going….”
    So when you are up to it, let me know (funny enough, your number has changed). My mobile is the same.
    As always, you both are inspirational, now even more so
    Paul and Allyson

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