First school talk

On Thursday 20 June, Matthew had the opportunity to talk to students at Mt Gravatt’s Seton College.

The school is a small Catholic co-educational school that focuses on working with students who have struggled with the schooling in their early years. Now that Matthew’s started to master his activated software, he was able to e-mail me, and here, in his words is what he spoke about:

I was asked to speak on the topic of “Never Give up”. I spoke about the importance of finding something to live for that drives you every day. I covered the early years and the regular changes that occurred within my life that prepared me for what happened last year. I talked through the importance of goal setting – very short term when things are hard and then setting medium and then longer term goals when relevant. I also touched on the importance of acceptance and asking for help.

Feedback was very positive, and it was a great experience for Matthew and Di, who also had the opportunity to meet up with James, a very special student who is the son of a great friend of our family. Thanks James for being a great host!

IMG_2574 IMG_4887

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