‘Last of the first’ rounds of surgery…done!

On Tuesday this week, Matthew and Diane flew to Melbourne for the ‘final of the first’ rounds of surgery he’s been having to implant titanium into his stump bones as part of the osseointegration procedure. This operation, under the watchful eyes and skilled hands of a large team of surgeons in Melbourne, was on his left arm stump. Later in the year, if all goes to plan (as it has so far) and the implants ‘take’, he’ll have more surgery to link the implants with more titanium on which prosthetics can be attached (this is in VERY simple terms…for more information on osseointegration in some of its more wonderful technicality, go here).

It sounds painful and it is, initially.

Having been consistent in his approach to painkillers, generally, Matthew has surrendered to the reality that sometimes these things can be of benefit and there’s a point to which being brave can be just that little bit silly. So he went under the knife this afternoon, and by early evening amazingly enough he was happily chatting about life in general, the AFL grand-final he perhaps hopes to make if his drains are out in time while he’s in Melbourne, and lots of other stuff. I don’t know why we continue to be amazed, because he’s so consistent, but we always are.

The children are being looked after by the grandangels, Christine and Roy (our Mum and Dad), back here in Brisbane, and the three boys are off to cricket camp leaving Emily to be Queen Bee for a few days. We don’t think she’ll mind.

If Matthew’s recovery goes to plan, he will be back over the weekend, in time to attend the Pride of Australia lunch early next week. He is finalist in the Courage category, alongside the very amazing Matt Golinski and Nigel Hyland. He is extremely humbled to be considered in the same league as Matt and Nigel, who both have equally amazing stories to tell, and is really looking forward to meeting a wonderful group of people.

Matthew is slowly getting used to a few more people knowing about his story. He flies QANTAS because they are the only airline who can carry him easily with the wheelchair, and they are truly amazing when dealing with him. On Tuesday, the crew had been sent his story to read before he got on the plane, so everyone knew about his story, and one crew member gave him a special message from her 13 year old son who wanted Matthew to know how helpful his story had been. He was very touched, and thankful for everyone being so kind and helpful.

So once again, thanks to everyone for their thoughts and good wishes and I’ll provide another update soon.

14 responses to “‘Last of the first’ rounds of surgery…done!

  1. Thank you for including me in your most prolific & interesting updates on Mathew’s progress, he is truly amazing , with an equally amazing band of helpers who are family & others. The Grandangels are something special aren’t they. When I was in Brisbane in July I was able to have some time in the city with Christine & 2 of the grandies, most enjoyable. Good luck to you all especially Mathew, he is in my thoughts,& I will be looking forward to hearing the results of the awards whichever way they go. Love to you all,

    Merle Moro (Beatts)

  2. Our very best wishes to you Matthew for a quick recovery…it’s good to know you are comfortable and this operation is over, for now! All good wishes to your family too, Terry and Ben

  3. Matthew is an amazing man and you are all an amazing family. Thanks for sharing his story.

    Cheers and best wishes


  4. Go Matthew still inspiring us all. Every time the day has seemed a bit
    Go Matthew such a continuing inspiration. Whenever my day has been a bit tough or my arthritis is playing up I just think of you and Korrin (Barratt) and I put a smile back on my face and keep going. Wishing you all the best with the surgery. Wendy Mathieson.

  5. Thank you for sharing your remarkable and inspiring story. You and your family reflect the very best of humanity and love in action. Very best wishes and continued recovery to you and your beautiful family.
    The Keys family

  6. After watching your story,I just so wanted to give you all a hug,I could feel your love for each other ,and pray that all goes well for you all in the future.Sometimes we are faced with challenges in live ,and I have them also ,but I feel inspired to never ever give up ,I lost my soulmate 7 years ago to cancer after a beautiful 39 year marriage.I hope us Aussies give generously to you.Good Luck and love to you all Marilyn Maher

  7. An Aboriginal painting has been donated by Indigenu with all funds from the sale going to this inspiring family. I thought this was a better way of making a donation as a win/win

  8. You and your family are a true inspiration Mathew. Good luck with everything and I look forward to seeing you on TV walking and hugging your children and wife with your new limbs.

  9. If my family can experience even a portion of the love that you share with yours we would be so extremely lucky. You are a true inspiration and I wish you and your family all the best now and in the future.
    Gina Stingle, Tas

  10. Hi Di and Matthew,you and your children are truly amazing and inspirational. I think of you frequently and your smiling faces and the loving warmth shared between you all after seeing you on “Sunday Night”. I hope that all good things come your way.

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